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Kyle L. Palmer
Have your children memorize the Skiers Safety Code.

Dress your children properly in lightweight breathable layers with the first layer being a "wicking" type of fabric, such as polypropylene long underwear, followed by a turtleneck, sweater or fleece vest, and finally covered with a breathable waterproof or water-resistant jacket.

Make sure your children are equipped with a hat and gloves or mittens. A great deal of heat loss is through the head, so hats or headbands are especially important in weather changes. Mittens generally keep hands warmer than gloves.

Have your child wear sunscreen in any kind of weather, as the sun reflecting off the snow (even on cloudy days) can cause sunburn.

Children should always wear eye protection: goggles or sunglasses.

If your child is enrolled in ski school make sure they know the name of their instructor in case of separation. For beginners, instruct them to stop and ask for assistance if they get separated rather than try to find their own way down a mountain.

Make sure your child has your name and telephone number written down in a zipped pocket.

Make sure your child knows when to stop skiing. For example, if the clothing layer next to their skin stays wet and they are getting chilled, if they suspect an injury, if a boot or binding is not fitting properly, or they are just worn out.

Ski helmets are a good idea. If your child wears a ski helmet, remember you may have to raise your voice more to get their attention.

Arrange a meeting place if you get separated (for example, at the bottom of chair lift #4).

Kyle L. Palmer

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