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Our international dating service is for singles seeking for friendship, romance, dating, long-term relations and international marriage.
How long it takes to get a response? It depends on how you sent your letter. If you sent your letter by email then expect anywhere from three to four days to a couple of weeks. If you sent your letter by regular mail expect four to six or even eight weeks depending on where you live.

Without saying email is the fastest way to communicate but is not instant like some of us are accustom to. A letter sent to Russian woman most often need to be translated before they are delivered to the lady.

Things to take into consideration:

Very few Russians have email or even own a computer. Access to the internet is not common and is an expensive luxury in Russia. Some ladies who live in the more modern cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg may have their own personal email address and semi regular access from either at work or through an Internet Cafe' or in small numbers have a computer at home. The fact that they may have internet access still does not overcome your communication problems if you cannot communicate with her in a language understood by both which means you still need a translator and the above typical scenario still applies. The difference is the agency can forward the letter to her email once its translated.

So how long does it take?

Allow two to three days for your letter to reach the local office in Russia (if applicable).

- One to two days for the local office to translate the letter and notify the lady that she has mail depending on the local office workload and time in which they received the letter etc...

- One day to two weeks for the lady to receive the letter. Russian women are usually very busy and may only stop in once a week to pick up all their letters.

- Most of the time the lady will take her letters home to read the letters and respond to all then return the response within a couple of days.

- The agency (local office) receives the response, translates if necessary then send the letter to you.

So you see its not as instant as sending an email and thinking you will get a response in the next hour or so. All of these steps are typical when communicating with Russian women.

On occasions I have corresponded via email with Russian ladies who have sent multiple responses in less than two hours. This is very very uncommon. One lady works for a major television station in Russia and has a desktop computer, the other owns a Russian travel agency. Both ladies could read my native language so there was no need for translation.

As a norm expect a three to seven day response time if everything is efficient.

General Comments:

Remember there could be a big time zone difference depending on where you live which can have an effect on your correspondence.

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Our international dating service is for singles seeking for friendship, romance, dating, long-term relations and international marriage.

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