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Aaron Gold
Great Numbers, No Compromise

With the cost of fuel rising to levels that the rest of the world endures as a matter of course, North Americans are beginning to include gas mileage as an item worthy of consideration when purchasing a new car. Sales of large SUVs have dropped while sales of fuel-efficient cars are on the increase.

Even Bill Ford, an avowed environmentalist who's been hog-tied by the need to churn out gas-guzzlers in order to restore Ford Motor Company profits, is suggesting consumer demand may be the catalyst that finally gives automakers an excuse to focus on building smaller, cleaner, more economical automobiles.

Not content with merely saying "it's about time," we at About Cars have drawn up a list of the 10 best fuel-savers. Ah... but with a difference.

(Which cars use the least fuel? No problem, folks, here they are... guaranteed by the government to save precious resources!)

Yet the most economical cars do not always fit everyone's needs. The Honda Insight, to use an extreme example, produces astounding gas mileage from its hybrid two-seater/city car/semi-sports coupe shape. In practical terms, however, the Insight has limited uses. Rather than simply list the cars that use the least fuel according to EPA ratings we've chosen instead to present ten automobiles that combine fuel saving with what consumers really want in a car.

Aaron Gold

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