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Steps to balance life

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Raymond F.
Steps to balance your life

There are a number of basic rules to obey to keep from "tightening the noose". The first is to add balance to your life. Begin by seeking out leisurely activities that are separate from work. If you're the "analytical" type (such a lawyer, scientist, accountant, etc) then pursue relaxation through activities such as gardening, building a deck or cooking.

The second rule is to work up a sweat once in a while. Thirty minutes of intense cardiovascular exercise immediately reduces body tension. Studies have also found that weightlifting counters anxiety and depression, and boosts self-esteem as well as aerobics.

The third rule states that you must choose a relaxing activity that you consider relaxing. If a friend wants to go fishing and you know you'll get bored quickly, then don't go. Boredom often adds to stress levels as opposed to diminishing them. Finally, you must assign little breaks in your busy schedule.

Here is a checklist with some relaxation tips and ideas on how to live a better life:

1- Realize that nearly everything will take longer than you anticipate. Have you ever stared at a pot of water waiting for it to boil and it seems like it takes forever? Do not anticipate deadlines. By allotting yourself enough time to complete a task, you cut back on anxiety. In general, if meeting deadlines is a problem, always give yourself at least 20% more time than you think you really need.

2- Don't live beyond your means. Is it time to get rid of that Bimmer? Perhaps a Honda will cause fewer worries about payments. Never live a lifestyle you cannot afford; it will lead to definite health problems.

3- Be careful about bringing your work home. Avoid the temptation to bitch about your workday once you get home. Your home is a sanctuary and your loved ones are blessings. Do not contaminate both by dumping your worries about work on them. Instead, find 5 minutes alone to think and meditate about your problems, then just let them go

Raymond F.

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