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By: Arthur L.
Long Distance Relationships

Women: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. This common expression relates well to the problematic issue of long distance relationships, because when your relationship is put to through this particular test, its time to decide which of these opposing statements applies to you the most.i'll go to the moon for you

The path of life tends to pull people in different directions. Some random turn of events can sometimes have the power to decide the fate of a couple. For instance, if a man is being relocated across the country due to a promotion at work, and his woman is doing just fine in her present career, they inevitably end up going their separate ways.

Sometimes young lovers are forced to call it quits because they end up attending different colleges in different cities, states, or even continents.

What can one do in such a situation? Is the relationship worth pursuing or should they just forget about it and part ways?what is a long-distance relationship?The first thing to understand is that a relationship across great distances does not necessarily qualify as a relationship. Let me explain.

If a guy has been dating a girl for two years and she decides to travel across Europe with nothing but a backpack and pocket change, where does this leave the duo? Well, the first thing to do in this situation is to establish some ground rules before she hops on that plane.

The couple must agree on how they will deal with this separation, and even if they will remain a couple at all. If one decides that they cannot be in a long distance relationship, while the other is ready to sacrifice a little for the sake of staying together, then they have a problem on their hands..

There are three basic options when dealing with long distance relationships: the couple can remain faithful to each other; they can date other people and see what happens; or they can call it quits and start dating other people right away.remaining faithfully yoursOne option is to keep everything the way it is -- whether you are 5 miles or 5,000 miles away from each other. This way of thinking is very popular among young lovebirds, new to the journey of romance.

They tend to believe that physical space between them will not affect the solidity of the relationship because their "undying" love for each other can surpass this seemingly small obstacle. This often applies to couples that get separated for education reasons.

What happens in many cases, however, is that one of the partners may start feeling lonely and begin looking around to see what the "relationship market" has to offer.

But if the woman, for example, decides to hold back and not date anybody during her time away from her boyfriend, he should also be saving himself for her. Right? In an ideal situation, this would be the plan. But unfortunately, that's not always possible.

The guy in question might start fooling around, but will eventually feel guilty about it, even if six months have passed since he last saw his girlfriend.

The problem is that the terms of the relationship clearly state that this should not happen. What then?

Simply having made a decision to allow each other the freedom to date other people while they were apart, and seeing if they still felt the same way about each other once they were reunited, could have prevented this situation. Hence, the second category for a long-distance relationship.let fate take its courseThis same principle applies to any couple in the initial stage of dating: they are together but they're not committed.

By: Arthur L.

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