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Arthur L.
It's a smart thing to slow down a love connection at an early stage in order to avoid any heartache, especially if you know you will be separated shortly.

The ideal solution would be to not get involved with anybody knowing that you will be required to be separated for a long period of time.

But if you decide to go ahead and start dating this woman, then do it wisely and know that your days together are numbered.

The smart thing to do in this case is remind yourself that there are no short-term obligations and that as soon as you are separated, your life will continue and women will still be at arm's length.a final thoughtLong distance relationships can be best separated into three categories: remaining faithful, dating loosely to see what happens or breaking off the relationship altogether.

Whichever category is chosen depends largely on which stage of the relationship you and your girlfriend are at.

This ties in nicely with one of my fellow writers, Curt Smith, who strongly believes that Rejection Is Better Than Regret. You don't want to spend the rest of your days reminiscing about what could have been. This will allow for painful heartache and... ulcers.

a perfectly rational way of looking at potential long distance relationships. What if, for example, unavoidable circumstances force the woman to leave and desert her mate in the early stages of the relationship.

Although some couples develop faster than others, common sense should always be of the essence, as emotions sometimes tend to run away with us.

The underlying idea here is that impossible promises should not be made and only a reciprocal, genuine affection for each other will decide the couple's fate.

If staying together is not in your cards, it soon becomes obvious, and ending the relationship is the only solution. This way, there won't be any broken hearts or unnecessary lies.
Arthur L.

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