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Derek Vitalio
Real World Training

Learn how to pick up women through real-time interactions on an intensive weekend workshop.

I love books. I love reading and knowledge and all the cool things you can learn and do just from acquiring the knowledge.

Still, there are some types of knowledge that are best handed over not through words, but through examples and actions. Picking up ladies is one of those types of knowledge. It can be hard finding an appropriate model though - unless you join a workshop.

The New World

You know, I love all these new toys we've got.

I'm sure I'm not alone in reflecting on the numerous ways things have changed, even just since I've been an adult. Hell, historically speaking, the printing press is a pretty newfangled invention. But TODAY? Not only is information easily available, but it's just about instantaneous.

ANYTHING I want to find out, first step is always a google. And most times, that's ALL it takes to get the information I'm looking for.

I'm betting you're the same way. In fact, I bet many of you found me just surfing around, thinking about women.

And I'm not going to lie. You found something awesome - a wealth of knowledge which would be unimaginable just a few years ago.

Yep, it's a good time.

And I KNOW many of you are studying everything I've got out there with a ferocity that would make your schoolmarms proud. I know because I see your feedback and it's OBVIOUS you guys are reading like mad.

Sadly, there's something else which is obvious. Like me, you've gotten used to googling and absorbing and leaving it at that.

But some things, you can't just read. Some things, you've got to SEE, EXPERIENCE.

This, friends, is one of those things.

Going Old School

I'm not just talking about taking your new knowledge and practicing it - which of course you must do as well, but that alone still lacks something.

It lacks EXPERIENCE. Sure, you'll be gaining some new insights out there but you won't have anyone SHOWING you these words in action.

I can tell you how to pick up women - AND that different women require different approaches, with examples - but you're not really going to GET which one is appropriate for who and/or where. Unless you take the time to build up your trial and error to heroic proportions - or you OBSERVE someone who already has it figured out.

Even more importantly, I can TEACH you the steps and TELL you when to move from one to the next - but I also know you're going to mess it up more times than you don't if you've never seen it happen.

Complexity and motion beyond books

Why? So many parts of the interactions I'm talking about are dependent on small, sometimes miniscule, little cues. Subtle body language, eye movement, mouth movement, the way she giggles or smirks at something you say all sorts of complex human behavior that - for the next few years at least - books CANNOT CONVEY.

Plus, humans are complicated and the reactions you might get from a woman are, frankly, infinite. I can take you step-by-step through a generic woman's responses, but you're NOT MEETING A GENERIC WOMAN. You're meeting a real one. And she's going to throw you some curveballs.

Sure, you might know the theory, but unless you're on the genius level, that theory is NOT going to automatically turn into proper reactions to each situation. A lot of the situations aren't going to look the way you expect them to, and while you're figuring out how to adapt, the moment passes.

Get some Gurus

THAT is why you need to spend time with guys who are ALREADY good with women. Watching how they respond to challenges, seeing how the theory moves in real-world situations, off the page and in the bar.

My books are incredibly useful - and you can eventually learn everything you need to know with the knowledge inside and your own experiments - but if you want to shave months or YEARS off the learning curve, you've got to spend time WATCHING HOW IT'S DONE.

Not all Gurus are Equal

One way to achieve this: just go to popular night spots and, well, WATCH. Through simple observation the absorption is slow, but you WILL get it. It'll be like going through the trial and error - but letting 200 other guys play you every night. You'll see PLENTY more encounters than you could possibly do by yourself, and you'll have PERFECT examples of right and WRONG ways to do things.

Another way: pick out from your friends the guys who have success with women. Or, if you don't have any friends who are really successful (and most guys aren't), then try to meet one at the hot spots.

Buy the guy a drink, saying you want to pick his brain.

Ask him about encounters you've seen, see if he'll narrate what he just did with that hot blonde, or if he'll tell you why HE thinks everything is going right - or wrong - with the real-time attempt in the corner over there.

This sort of thing can accelerate you a lot - it contains all the keys that make observation powerful, but adding in some guidance about where to look, what's important body language and what's not, real wheat-from-the-chaff type of stuff.

The problem is, MOST guys who have natural success with women haven't spent a lot of time thinking about it. They're usually not consciously AWARE of what's going on - or they're SO conscious of it they think it's too obvious to mention, not realizing that it's something MOST GUYS DON'T SEE.

It's like when you're just starting to learn a new language. The best way to get better at it is to speak and learn from those who already know it well. But if you have a question, you don't want to ask the native speaker - they have no idea how to explain it, the language just IS THAT WAY and that's the way they've said it from birth.

No, if you have a question you want to ask the non-native who has ALREADY LEARNED the answer.

You want the guy who has been where you've been, and figured it out.

THAT, friends, is the most powerful and efficient way to learn in the field.

Unfortunately, there REALLY aren't a lot of guys out there like that. And not all of them are going to be willing to field your questions.

Luckily, there is a solution.


We have organized weekends SPECIFICALLY TO TEACH willing students how to be successful with women. We'll take you shopping to get you appropriate duds (and pick up women). We'll demonstrate techniques - explaining each part of the encounter - and let you know WHAT women are saying and WHY you should react certain ways.

Our trainers will play wing as YOU attempt the techniques they teach. Basically, everything you could possibly want to know about women, they'll SHOW YOU and DESCRIBE how to do it, in real time, in real world situations.

Now not everyone can afford the service of these intensive workshops, and not everyone is willing to pay for what they can eventually do on their own.

But I KNOW that these things are the BEST way to learn. I've watched guys change into studs over ONE WEEKEND.

I always tell you that you've got to be patient and diligent and enjoy your small successes as they come bit by bit.

Well, if you do one of our live in field workshops, I take it all back. You're fast-forwarding your life with women, basically overnight. I wish I'd had this when I was younger. But I'm happy to offer it to you.

Derek Vitalio

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