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Wayne Ross
Learn how to flirt naturally with women and present yourself in a way that is interesting.

The Natural Flirt

Think about it, and ask yourself this question:

Anytime that you've ever pretended to be someone you're not while you were trying to impress a woman... did it ever work out in the long term?

I'm gonna take an educated guess and say NO.

I have this friend named Ryan, and when he meets women, he tries to act like he's an "alpha male", who has the wit of a professional comedian, and the charm of James Bond.

And you know what... at first... it works... for about 2 dates. Then little bits and pieces of the REAL Ryan start leaking out of his fake personality.

Before he knows what happened, the woman completely rejects him, and tells him to buzz off. The amazing thing about all this is that Ryan always says to me:

"You see Wayne, women are all the same. They all want someone who's perfect, and when I try to give them that... they lose interest anyway, and dump me."

What Ryan doesn't realize is that the woman isn't rejecting HIM. She's rejecting the fake personality that he tried to sell her on. He doesn't realize that most women would like him just fine if he would just be himself.

Many seduction students seem to think that they can slap together a bunch of fake personality traits, and create a better version of themself... a version that they think is sure to score with the ladies.

Guess what? It never works!

Instead, what you SHOULD do is learn how to naturally flirt with women, and present YOURSELF in a way that is interesting.

The Porsche Principle

If you were trying to sell your car, and it was a Toyota, you wouldn't advertise it as a Porsche would you? Of course not, and yet that's what most guys do when they try to "sell" themselves to women.

They try on a few new traits, and pretend to be someone else... just like a Toyota owner who tried putting a Porsche sticker on his car. People will eventually see through the crap.

Instead, the wise person cleans up his Toyota, and shows its best qualities to people who are interested.

People who are LOOKING for a Toyota will be interested, and you won't have to be dishonest at all. Those who are looking for a Porche will go find a Porsche... it's as simple as that.

Now wait just a second... I know what you're thinking!

You're saying to yourself, "Yeah... but I want the type of people in my life who buy Porsches (in other words, beautiful, high quality women). Shouldn't I try to ACT like a Porsche, so I can attract those kind of buyers?"

Well yes, it's possible to transform yourself into that higher quality person, but it's not what you think. You can't do it by pretending to be the type of guy that you THINK those kind of women want to be with.

You cannot honestly say that you really know what every beautiful woman in the world wants in a man, so why would you try to change yourself into something you're not? Instead, learn how to release the natural flirt inside of YOU.

When you do this, you will blow women away who never expected someone so amazing to come into their life.

How do you learn how to become a natural flirt who's confident and relaxed with women? Simple!

Just head on over to my brand new website: Dating Breakthrough

Go there and get yourself a copy of my smokin' hot, brand new e-book. You'll learn all my best up-to-date secrets for attracting and dating as many hot women as you can possibly handle.

Trust me, I've been in this game for a long time now... over 20 years, and I know what works and what doesn't. Go check out Dating Breakthrough right now, while it's fresh in your mind.

Wayne Ross

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