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Eddie Chandler
Given a choice of hitting the gym or watching the game on the television, munching on chips and quaffing a few beers, does the couch potato option always win? This self-defeating attitude creates stress when you know your choices are not healthy ones.

How to correct this bad habit:

Commit yourself: Make a list of things you'd like to do instead of just flopping on the sofa and commit to it for 30 days. It takes a month to create a habit, so make it a good one. Try yoga, tai chi or judo. Going for an early morning or evening walk can also help you relax.

Buddy up: Go to the gym or practice sports with a friend. Create a buddy system for activities and you'll be less likely to make excuses to skip out. Have fun, plan activities with friends and achieve balance in your life.

How will this reduce stress?

That comfortable couch may look inviting at the end of a long day, but it presents increased opportunities to over-eat, over-imbibe and under-stimulate your body and brain. Your stress will increase if you feel hung over, become overweight or just get bored with your life. Eliminate the lethargy and get moving, for the good of your body and soul. When spending an occasional evening in front of the tube becomes a conscious decision, it will be an indulgence, not a bad habit.

relax, max

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."

- Norman Vincent Peale

Life is full of choices and taking control of your stress level is one of them. Be mindful of bad habits and how they can drain you of energy. Practice effective time management at home and at work, de-clutter your physical surroundings and eliminate the draining thought processes that result from disorganization or procrastination.

Prioritize, delegate and become more physically active. Challenge your brain and your body, and create a healthier lifestyle. Conquer the problems created by bad habits and you will drastically reduce the stress in your life.

Eddie Chandler

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