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Ok, so you're the macho man of the new millennium and you've got just the right mix of sensitivity and roguishness. You spend enough time with your mother, but you don't sport any Mom tattoos; You have a pet fish and maybe even a cat, but you recognise that dogs require more love and attention than you can give. You dabble in new-age spirituality and you know the latest Yoga position, but you can still put away a pint with ease and dance the night away at a club.

You're a man. A man's man.

Your modern-man future is perfectly planned... it involves huge successes, both personally and professionally. It involves an elaborate home and a flash car. It even involves a beautiful wife and gorgeous kids. But those come later. Much later.

So what happens, may I ask, if you suddenly meet this gift from God and she makes you think about those things a little too soon? Firstly, how do you know that odd little feeling that appears whenever you see her isn't just infatuation - how can you tell if she's the one?

Let me tell you how...

One of the first signs of true love is if your mood lifts at the mere thought of her. You remember the last time you were together and a goofy smile spreads across your face. Concentrating on anything is becoming a daunting task. As pathetic as it may be, you cannot wait to see her again, and you even consider calling her and telling her that.

And you know its love because you can do just that! You can trust that she won't laugh at your phone call. You've gone through your entire life not trusting women. It's always been "us" against "them". Not anymore. For the first time in your life, you don't think twice about opening up about personal matters; you know that you can turn your back to her and not worry about what she's doing. You even want to introduce her to your friends and family.

And they love her! Your freaky friends and your crazy family have met her and they love her... and more importantly, she loves them. When she's with them you get this strange feeling that they would have eventually become friends regardless of you. Your uncle Bill is suddenly opening up and telling her tales reserved for family only... and she's enjoying it.

Now that she's met the friends and family - and still doesn't think less of you - you think that maybe you can tell her a little bit about your sordid past. You find that, although she may flinch at some of the horror stories, she doesn't run screaming - nor does she burst out laughing. She loves you for you. And she accepts you. She doesn't want to change you at all.

She doesn't even try to stop you from going out with your friends - although you find that you're hanging out with them less and less. Suddenly you're passing up spending time with your buddies because you want to spend time with her. You actually want to spend more time with your girlfriend.

And just like Friday nights with friends are fading in importance, as are memories of "the ex". From the time you first laid eyes on your new love, you seem to have finally put the past behind you. You still look at other women, but it's just "looking", because there's so much chemistry oozing between you and your love there's very little time for anything else.

You can't keep your hands off each other, and when you do, you can stare into each other's eyes for hours on end. You've achieved the "comfortable silence" and the only place you want to be is lost in her eyes... her soul... her entire being.

This is love. This is true love.

And I'm here to tell you boys, if you've got it, hang on to it. Grab hold of that girl and hold her with all your might, because your plans for the future can easily change... and doesn't your future look so much brighter with her a part of it?

New Dating

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