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Why do you need to learn more about dating and courting? Is this not something people just pick up from others and ôlearn as they goö? Is there a right and wrong way of dating or, like learning to walk or ride a bike, can people just naturally figure it out as they experience it?

The cold, hard facts are that todayĺs standards of dating, courting and engagement are wrongŚall wrong!

But how can I say this? All you need do is look at the astonishing array of ill effects to realize that the dating and courtship practiced today are far off-track. But, before we address this, the principle of cause and effect must be explained.

The Cause-and-Effect Principle

Most people live their entire existence completely unaware of why things either ôgo rightö or ôgo wrong.ö They seem unable to grasp that what they do, or do not do, has a direct effect on their lives. Most do not recognize that for every cause there is an effectŚor, conversely, for every effect there is a cause. Nor do they know that this is a law. Scientists recognize this in physics, but society is unaware that the same is true in lifeŚthat the law of cause and effect is no less immutable than any law of science.

Letĺs reason together, considering a few basic points. How does the law of cause and effect work in oneĺs life? Some simple examples:

If you routinely eat too much, what happens? You will become sick or overweightŚor both! There is no mystery to this.

If you drink too much alcohol, you will become intoxicated. This could lead to a long list of bad effects: A next-day headache, being arrested, or even an auto accident resulting in injury or death to yourself or others. Again, there is no mystery here.

If you break societyĺs laws, the effect is that you might go to jail or prison. This will hurt your family, your career opportunities and your entire future. Once again, no mystery to this.

In this fashion, the law of cause and effect directly impacts your lifeŚand the life of everyone on earth. The ways that this happens are endless.

Letĺs go further. If industry pollutes the environment, the result is contaminated air or water, or even the much-debated problem of global warming. If countries go to war, the resultsŚthe effectsŚare economic upheaval, disease, famine and general misery for all involved. If parents neglect the proper rearing of their children, or if children do not obey their parents, the effects could be poor performance in school, drug addiction, criminal conduct or worse.

Of course, none of this is hard to understand.

Godĺs way of lifeŚincluding the principles of right dating, courtship and engagementŚis also based on the law of cause and effect. The Bible contains hundreds of laws and principles, each carrying the power of cause and effect for those who keepŚor breakŚthem!

Whether one identifies and knows all the laws and principles of the Bible is not relevant to whether breaking them will bring certain punishment. Just as speeding can result in a ticket, whether the driver knew the speed limit or not, so those who break the laws of God reap penalties, whether they know they are violating specific laws or not.

Look at the world around you. It is littered with broken families, unhappy marriages, single-parent homes, STDs, astonishing ignorance and widespread misery. Have you ever asked why? WHY has mankind never been able to solve these and other great problems? Why do they only grow worse with the passing of time? Because the laws and principles of God are being routinely broken by earthĺs billions of human inhabitants.

The Being who wrote the Bible states that His great Law, the Ten Commandments, is ôholy, just, good and spiritualö (Rom. 7:12, 14). Again, consider the basic understanding of cause and effect. When Godĺs laws and principles are obeyed, they bring countless blessings, benefits and good things into the lives of those who obey them. But mankind has routinely rejectedŚand even lampoonedŚthe instruction book that reveals the cause of all its problems, evils and ills.

The Effects

So how does the law of cause and effect apply to dating and courtship? Where do these practices lead? The answer is simple. Dating, and the courtship that may ensue, are the precursors to relationshipsŚand ultimately marriages. The effectŚsuccessful or failed marriagesŚis what results from either right or wrong forms of dating and courtship.

The cause-and-effect principle goes both ways. For every cause, there is a resulting effect, and for every effect, there is a traceable cause! So, letĺs look at the effects of modern dating. We could ask: Are they good?

To determine whether the dating practiced today is correct, we should first examine its fruits. In other words, we must analyze the effects of dating today. If the effects are bad or rotten, then we should be able to admit that something is wrong, possibly very wrong, with the causeŚthe ways that people in society practice dating, courtship and even engagement.

Therefore, it is essential to examine the overall state of the marriage institution. If dating and courtship are being done properly, we should expect the general condition of marriage throughout society today to be healthy.


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