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A more complicated question arises. In this age, many of even those who are true Christians have compromised their religious beliefs, having grown confused or lukewarm on many doctrines they once understood. In such cases, when contemplating marriage, the same principles apply as above. If the person you are interested in does not believe the full truth of God as you do, you are in disagreement with him or her, and you still cannot walk together. Potential marriages between such people would still involve at very least a partial unequal yoking together. The fact that this may be to a lesser degree is irrelevant!

Grasp this all-important point. The true Christianity of the Bible is far more than just ones religion. Real Christianity is lived 24 hours a day, seven days a week! It touches on every facet of lifethe truth about the afterlife and the nature of salvation, whether or not Gods Law should be kept (including certain annual Holy Days, along with Gods Sabbathand various pagan holidays that should not be kept), the Bibles many financial laws, its various dietary laws, the role of husbands and wives in marriage, the nature of God, understanding of prophecy, matters having to do with health and healing, the truth of the gospeland much, much more!

There is a related understanding that applies here, and it is intrinsic to virtually every marriage. The Bible teaches that there are principles of correct childrearingand they are almost diametrically the opposite of what society believes and permits. Proper childrearing is a full-time job, and it involves both parents nurturing the children in a unified way.

If you decide to marry one who holds merely similar beliefsbut not truly the same beliefsyou ensure that your children will grow up exposed to subtle nuances and influences reflecting different beliefs, invariably practiced by what must be a less committed spouse. Those even considering marriage to one of different beliefs have very wrong priorities. Because of what prophecy reveals, more is at stake here than meets the eye!

Do not dismiss religion as merely something that can be worked out. God expressly forbids His true servants from marrying those of different beliefsyet this instruction is one of His truths that many people ignore. While certain other differences can be worked out, religious differenceswhere the truth of the Bible is concernedcannot. This is the last area in which you should attempt to compromiseto work things out.

Other than the rare exception already addressed, dating outside your beliefs or apart from those who are converted should never be done. The reasons include all the principles previously discussed. There are many reasons why it is unwise to even date, let alone marry, those of different beliefs.

On a related note, many have made the grievous mistake of urging others to get baptized so that we can get married. This mocks God and the true meaning of conversion by trivializing it into a necessary, minor detail that one orchestrates en route to what will be a marriage that God is not involved in! God sees through all such charades.

Are Necking and Petting Wrong?

We have already discussed sex prior to marriage, but there are other aspects of this subject to be understood.

We have seen that society is almost entirely driven by sex. Sexual influences aboundeverywhere. Both men and women in this society are programmed to think that sex is good in practically any situation or circumstance.


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