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We All Ponder The Thought Of Meeting 'The One' But Put More Thought Into Just Not Being Alone..

How many times have you thought to yourself, I want to meet the one? We all ponder the thought of meeting "the one" but put more thought into just not being alone. I would venture to guess that all of us including myself have met the one at least once if not more times in our life.

If you have not met the one and think you never will, you might be right. I would check your "expectations" list before passing any judgment on to anyone else. Like most people, I too have an expectations list. Mine however is more a list of things I expect them "not" to do as opposed to a "to-do" list. For instance, I like a girl who is sexually experienced but not a girl capable of banging an entire Wal-Mart store.

Life will deal you many different females to choose from and the key is to pay attention to the ones who like you the most. In the long run, "the one" will always be a girl who is into "you" more than she is into herself. I have officially met "the one" at least 3 times in my life and each time I meet "the one" she lasts longer than the last one and only solidifies my quest to seek the real "one".

Looks Aren't Everything

The one will not be found by mere aesthetics - if you base it all on looks, they would ALL be the one. If you have preferential style that a female must have such as "black hair" or "over 5'8" then are going to seriously limit yourself to the ones that are out there looking for YOU. What if you are someone else' style and physical make-up? What if you fit perfectly all the things on someone's list?

What if your height and weight are perfect for her and even your first name is the one she has been looking for but she is Hispanic and you like black girls? Are you going to ignore that this person who is different than what you are used to? What if you meet the person you think is the one based on all your physical criteria and she does not give you the time of day because she does not date white men? That is what all that judgment of certain "types" is worth avoiding.

If you are not looking at ALL women as the possible one then each of them can shine in there own way. Look at them and not through them. Men on a mission have an uncanny knack of making a girl feel uncomfortable not matter what she looks like and that will make her put her walls up - not down. Don't praise a woman solely for her looks. Her good looks should be a BONUS to how great she is not the foundation.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying to sell out because there are many "10's" out there that could very well be the one. My buddy (I will call him The Jackass) has a stupid saying when we are out playing, "I want a 10, why would I settle for a 7?" It is this statement alone he will be referred to as The Jackass. Reason being: I have had sex with two 6's one night - do the math, that's a 12. I had sex with a 9 and a 6 also, that's right - 15! Granted that none of these ladies were the one but how would I know what is out there and what to expect if I had limited my thinking and dating to only a select few.

Be 'The One'

In Caddyshack (the movie) Danny Noonan was told, "Be the ball Danny". In any sport you must understand both: How to run the play & how all the equipment works. You must start by being the ball. The one is out there but there is more than one. You must know that single men and single women may not always seek the same priorities but they do seek the same outcome. The one is built over time like a seasoned lover. Being the one does sound corny if you are not really looking for the one. If you are truly looking for the one then you must be the one.

If you do drugs then you attract the girls who do drugs. If you are very professional in your business then you will attract serious professional females as well. If you are into going to the River on your boat you will likely meet females there that enjoy that lifestyle.

The point is you will always reap what you sow when seeking the opposite sex. If you are an academic then most likely you will date some smarty pants educated broad that talks about the probability of linear dynamicsyou can have her. With that said, the one is very much inside you. Start asking yourself why all of your past relationships failed - is it because you were just infatuated and not into them as a person or do you blame your ex's entirely?

When you can figure out what failed in the past then you will avoid it in the future through focus. Then use that same focus to be everything you are looking for in your mate. When you become "the one" you will meet the one. You will be sending out the energy you so seek and valueit will come back to you. As stated earlier, each time I meet the one the relationship lasts longer than the last one. That is because we evolve as people and each relationship will shape your eventual evolution into - THE ONE.

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