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Robert Lee
To find love online can be the easiest or hardest way to meet your match partner.

Just starting the search can be nerve-wracking. You have to join dating services, login, look for people to trade messages with and wait for their replies.

Wow, dedication is what it's all about!

But, to help you make the right choices as you browse and search the thousands upon thousands of personal ads, here are some things to look for:

Don't just look for things that you have in common with someone, look for things about them you find interesting. It's the interesting things that will carry the conversations early in any meeting/dating/relationship. Even if the person is a total hunk, or a ten, if they're stupid and boring your meeting will just be a big waste of time.

Location isn't king! Decide by the person and personal ad if there could be some interest there, then figure out how you're going to meet face-to-face. When I first met my now-wife, she lived a 5 hour drive away! Now we've been married for more than 5 years!

Post a photo that makes you look great! Face it, even as you browse the posted personal ads you're noticing the pictures of people. The great, professional looking photos are the ones that grab your attention. Make sure yours looks as good or better. Your picture should be recent, within a couple of weeks at most, even lighting, no shadows on your face or under your nose. A 'mug' shot, showing only your head and shoulders.

Login, login, login. Check the dating service you've joined regularly for new messages and new members. Don't wait for them to find you, reach out and message someone!

Chat and participate. Most online services have worked very hard to provide lots of features that allow you to interact, participate and share with other members. Do it!

Have fun! If you're not having fun chatting online, exchanging messages, browsing photos and meeting people then maybe you're just not ready to date yet. But don't give up. There are hundreds of other things to do online that will help you to get used to meeting people online without the added pressure of a possible relationship. Go and play some online games. Join some entertainment forums and when you're ready, start the online dating fun again!

Robert Lee

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