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Things You Should Never Say On A Date

We've received many emails asking us about what we suggest are safe topics to talk about when on a first, second or third date. After all, you don't want to show yourself as an unkind moron or snob-nosed prick before you give your date a really good opportunity to get to know you. Those conversation topic suggestions can be found on this other page. Here, we want to discuss what we feel are things that you should never, under any circumstances, say to your date during the first 3 to 6 dates you have, should you make it so far. The topics and subjects that are on this page are sure fire ways to end any future chance of a next date, as well, they will probably end the date you are currently on rather quickly:

You're wearing 'that'?! - Never, ever ask if that is what they, he or she, is wearing when going out with you. Hopefully they are trying to dress to impress you and think what they have on is OK to wear to the event you have planned. Leave it as such. Such a question can be safely asked only after the 4th to 6th date. And only then if your own "personal style" is up to snuff.

Something smells funny. - For your first 3 dates, at a minimum, everything smells great. Perfumes and colognes are not too harsh, strong or overwhelming when worn by your date. They are always just right or maybe even "a little subtle" is your answer if asked. Pungent, rude and even disgusting odors are the same. You don't mention them unless they are pointed out to you, unless the bad odor may seem to come from you, then a small "Ugh" is acceptable, just so you can show that the odor comes from elsewhere. You don't want to seem to be a gassy person, do you?

When meeting people in a crowd of strangers at a party or social gathering that your date has taken you to (maybe a party at one of her/his friend's or boss's) never comment negatively about anyone there. You may never know who might be a well-thought of friend, ex-romance partner or supervisor, and if you want to get to the next date, everyone there is a great person and could be your next best friend or traveling buddy. Believe us, it's one of the ways to not offend your date about his/her lifestyle before dating you. And if you fail here you might as well throw out their phone number and email address too.

Never comment on your date's driving habits. Never, not ever. Don't do it. Maybe, years after you've married him/her, you can (in an off-hand kind of way) mention that they should drive a little more, or a little less, aggressively. But never during the time you are dating. This is a best bet to start a fight.

Cleanliness may be next to Godliness but life is messy. If you start talking about the poor condition they keep their apartment, house, condominium or any other type of residence that they live in, be prepared to be "washed right out of their hair!" It's is sometimes OK to show your disapproval by tidying up a pile of magazines or newspapers, but to say, "Geesh, you sure are messy" or anything to that effect, you will put yourself onto the path on singleness once again. Guaranteed. You are now (possibly) a couple and it takes two people to keep something clean to both of yours' satisfaction. So, unless you're cleaning, you're making a mess, no matter what. And until you're staying the night, stay away from the "messy" topics of living.

So here you have it. The worst things to say on a date, or even "the best things to do or say to start a fight with the person you are dating". These are all potential date enders and relationship breakers.

Remember what you've read here today.

You've been warned.


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