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Katria Foger
Here are a couple of tips for flirting for both girls and boys. Enjoy them!

Approach everyone you meet with a smile. Look people in the face and show them you are happy to meet them. Let your face show that you are interested in what people are saying.

When talking to a guy/girl, make sure you have good eye contact. Don't stare! But don't even look all around the room making other person think you're looking for someone more interesting to hang out with. Let him/her know with your eyes that he/she is the person you would most like to be talking to.

Listen. Everyone loves to be listened to. Listening is a true art, and the best conversationalists all have great listening skills in common. Your flirting partner will be drawn to you if you master this simple skill.

Show your interest in what he/she is saying by asking for more details. Asking questions proves you have been listening, and sends the message that you find him/her interesting. We do find this very flattering, don't we?

When talking, lightly touch his/her arm when you're making a point or laughing at something he/she has said. Don't overdo it, just a few times in a conversation is enough to send the message that you like him/her. If you have chemistry with a him/her, it'll be figured out fast just from the touch of your fingertips.

Be Confident. People are automatically drawn to other people who have confidence. Confidence radiates like the sun - others can sense when you have it.

A sincere compliment can go a long way toward making your crush feel good around you. Notice the word "sincere" and no flattery like butter. Pick something about him/her that you can compliment sincerely - try to pick something that's not the most obvious, such as his/her nice skin or his/her long eyelashes. These kinds of compliments are the best, because such compliments does show that you've really noticed him/her.

Take Compliments Gracefully - How you take a compliment sends a strong signal to guys. The best response is always a simple "Thank you."

A neat trick for getting up close with a guy you like is to speak to him quietly and softly, so he'll have to lean into you to listen.

It's much easier to approach a guy/girl when you are surrounded and protected by your friends. But it is not hidden that even most guys get nervous in front of an audience. Even if you are out with a friend, separate yourself every once and a while to approach a guy you like and say hi, or just to walk past him. A guy might like you but not want to interrupt you and your friend's gab session.

Use Your Friends' Eyes. Get a friend to watch while you walk past a group of guys, then fill you in later on who checked you out.

Everyone likes being around someone who doesn't take life too seriously. Be playful and light-hearted. Don't cover your mouth when you laugh. Let everyone see you enjoy having a good time!

Give your crush some clues that you like him/her. There are many ways to do this. In a conversation with your crush, mention casually that you are not going out with anyone. Mention places you miss going to or a movie you really want to see. Talk about things you know both of you would like doing. The goal is to let your crush know that if they ask you out, you are available. Keep it casual. By doing this, you also let him know what kinds of places you would enjoy going on a date (just in case he was wondering!).

Hang out where your crush goes. Find ways to spend more time near him during school, after classes or after school. Join clubs he belongs to. Make friends with his sister or her brother. The more chances you make for him/her to notice you, the more likely he will. You will also get more chances to flirt. Plus - bonus - he/she'll figure you both have a lot in common if you are always hanging out in the same places.

Go out of your way to find ways to be nice to the guy you like. Make room for him at your lunch table if the cafeteria is crowded. Help him with homework. If he's alone, get him to join you and your friends so he has company. Show him what a sweet, caring girl you are!

Katria Foger

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