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Keeping the Romance

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Keeping the Romance Alive in Your Relationship

While keeping a successful relationship going may be a challenge, there are many things a couple can do to make sure their romance stays alive.

The prospect of a relationship evolving from a hot and steamy romance to a monotonous state of comfort, sometimes called a rut, is a fear shared by many couples. Not every relationship is doomed to lose the magic and chemistry, but it is up to the couples to put in the time and effort in order to rekindle the flame.

One great trick is to give your partner everyday reminders of your love and commitment. Tell your significant other several times a day how much you love them and give compliments your partner on a regular basis. Taking a moment out of your day to remember your love (and to share it) will go a long way in preserving the passion and romance in the relationship. For more creative love reminders, go online to Ezine Articles,

Keep the relationship spontaneous. Surprise your partner with small gifts or tokens; whisk them away for a romantic dinner or a romantic weekend getaway. By keeping your partner on their toes will keep the excitement in the relationship for years to come. For more ideas on relationship spontaneity, check out these websites: Loving You, and Family Org,

It is also very important to make time for each other, to remember that your partner is a high priority. Save time in your day to talk with your partner, listen to how their day went and enjoy each other's company. Savoring this time together will show how much you mean to each other, and it keeps both of you as active members in each other life.

Lastly, preserving a strong friendship and a sense of humor is a key ingredient to keeping the romance alive in a relationship. Sharing a friendship and a sense of humor will maintain the bond you have developed over the years, and there is nothing more romantic than sharing a close memory and a good laugh.

Romance does not just happen, it takes the commitment and energy of the people involved in the relationship to create romance and keep it alive.


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