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Playing It Safe on a Blind Date

Playing it safe while out on blind dates should be a top priority for both women and men.

For some people, dating is a refreshing way to meet people, while for others it is a tedious never-ending process of finding Mr. or Ms. Right. But for most people, going out on blind dates can be both a stressful and an exciting experience.

Most blind dates are organized by mutual friends, family and colleagues, or a person may set up their own blind date through a personal advertisement in a newspaper or an online dating website. Since blind dates are full of the unknown and unexpected, it is important for one to play it safe. Caution is the key.

If you are set up on a date by someone you know, it is crucial to drill that matchmaker for information about the other person. Find out about their family, what they do for a living, past relationships, what kind of friends they make and anything else he or she is willing to give up. Make sure you find out about any sort of violent, peculiar or criminal behavior. If there is any hint given about a threatening or shady history, pass up on the date! No matter how much you may want to go on a date, putting yourself in harm's way is not worth it.

Many people use the Internet to learn more about their possible dates, blind or otherwise. The Internet dating website,,, recommends using a search engine to learn more about the potential date. You may learn about the other person's education, his or her occupation and martial status. The website even suggests running a background check on a potential mate if that's what it takes to get information. It is important to do enough detailed and thorough checking to feel comfortable spending an evening with this particular individual.

If you do decide to go through with the blind date, please remain cautious. suggests that a person use common sense, which means you should meet this person at a pre-arranged location (not have them pick you up at home, just for anonymity's sake), select a well-populated area and keep the activities public. Pick areas of the town that are considered safe, that have patrolling police officers and are well-lit.

Because a blind date can be shrouded in mystery, make sure you take the proper precautions in order to keep yourself safe and to enjoy the date. It is important to be on your guard, because your safety should never be compromised. If the date goes well and you have positive feelings about the person, agree to go on a few more dates, keeping them in safe and public locales. This way you will learn more about the person you are seeing, which will help you to make better judgments down the road.


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