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Dealing With Breakup

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Dealing With Sadness After A Breakup

It is important to allow your broken heart to mend after a breakup before moving on.

When you are dealing with a broken heart, one of the worst things a person can say to you is the proverbial adage, 'it is better to have love and lost than to never have loved at all.' Those hollow words rarely provide any comfort to those with a broken heart. While mending wounds and feelings take time, and there is no way to speed up that process, there are things that a person can do to make his or her life a little easier, at least in the meantime.

For one thing, rely on your friends. Not only will they shoulder the brunt of your tears, rants and raves, but they may provide meaningful advice on how to cope with your loss. Talk with your friends, invite them over or maybe go out for a night on the town. Try to distract yourself from your misery. Friends are a great means of forgetting about your troubles, even just for a while.

It is also important to meet new people. Going out with friends may get you out of your pajamas or apartment and into the real world. Meeting people and sharing new experiences may help to put your former relationship behind you. Once new people have entered your life and there are new memories and experiences to share, you can begin to rebuild your social life.

Once you are ready to interact with other singles, take the time to enjoy going out on dates. Keep things light-hearted and avoid becoming too deeply involved until you are sure you are prepared to take those next steps. Becoming involved with someone too soon may lead to another heartbreak, whether it is yours or theirs.

There is no quick remedy that heals a broken heart quickly. There are ways to help distract you from your troubles, however. By going out and participating in activities with other people, you will be able to overcome your devastation and be able to happily move on with your life.


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