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Minding Your Manners

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The Importance of Manners When Dating

Minding your manners will not only show your date you respect them, but ensure that that respect will be returned.

Minding your manners on a date is as important as selecting the right restaurant, movie, or conversation topic. Remaining conscious of them will create a positive first impression and make your date feel special.

One reason it is important to have good manners is that your date with will use your behavior as a measure of your personality. If, for example, you are rude to a waiter, bark at the Starbuck's employee or act snippy with the usher at a movie theatre, your date may decide that you are not a very kind person and may reconsider going out with you again. Minding your manners will give your date a better impression of who you really are.

Manners are also a form of respect. While times and attitudes have changed, opening a door for a woman or allowing her to walk through first are all gestures that are appreciated. Having manners with those who wait or serve you also signs of respect. By having good manners with your date and others, you will show how much you respect yourself and your date.

Minding your manners also shows how considerate you are of others and their feelings. According to the Mountain State Center for Independent Living manners go far beyond 'please' and 'thank you.' Manners indicate a deeper concern for others and their situation, similar to empathy. If you have these sorts of manners, then your date will admire you for your genuineness.


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