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Carlos Xuma
There's a simple process that holds most of the essence of success with women. It's so simple, in fact, that most men will not do it.

Sex isn't all there is.

I think even the slyest dog out there with a hunger for the company of women knows that. Women like to make us feel guilty about our natural desires for women - and sex, as if we have no feelings for them and only want to cause women harm by satisfying our needs. This is a battle of wills that has been going on since time began.

When it comes right down to it, men know they want more out of life than what they get. We're hungry for MORE - and that's a vital part of our nature. More happiness. More love. More sex. More money. More of everything.

The question is, how do you get more of what you want when it comes to women?

There's a simple process I'm going to share with you today that holds most of the essence of success with women. But it's deceptively simple. It's so simple, in fact, that most men WILL NOT do it.

I always thought it would be so cool to have a mental simulator for seduction, where you could go to practice your moves and your technique in the real world.

Well, you can.

Here's how you can immediately improve your affect and impact with women:

Mental Practice and Rehearsal

Studies have shown that athletes who just sit with their eyes closed and imagine their performance actually did just as well (if not better) than those who practiced physically up to the day before an event. They've even recorded that the muscles used in the real physical exercise are stimulated while imagining the activity.

Nothing else will improve your ability to seduce women more than mental rehearsal.

How do you do it?

Simple. First, take out a pencil and paper and write down the top ten situations with women you find yourself in, and how you can handle them using your understanding of The Seduction Method. (This works for any strategy you choose, but those of you that own the book have a distinct advantage of having a true-to-life effective process to work from.)

Let's say you typically find yourself able to meet women easily enough, and you even get their phone numbers most of the time, but you get a lot of no-shows on the first meeting or coffee dates. You find that when you get to the wind-down part of the conversation, after you've set a time, you know in your bones that her tone of voice is sort of disinterested. You can almost smell her cancellation call before it comes.

You already know what you have to do: Lock their interest in with more mystery and sell them a little more on the fun adventure they'll have with you.

So, you come up with a likely solution: You decide you'll tell them something clever when you close out the conversation. Something funny and brash to challenge them.

Rehearse and Be Prepared

Imagine yourself talking to her on the phone. Imagine all the sensory stimulus coming at you. What do you hear around you? What do you see? What do you feel? Smell?

(You'll probably be on the phone, but that doesn't mean you should ignore these inputs. Everything around you contributes to your sense of confidence and your approach.)

In your new and improved approach, you imagine yourself standing with the phone to your ear. And you're using the time to curl a twenty pound dumb-bell as you talk with her, because you know this makes you feel stronger and more confident. You hear her voice on the other end of the call, and you imagine the sound of her talking, and you can hear her interest level in her words.

You say something like: "Well, Kirsten, I have to get going to the gym, but before I go, I wanted to offer you a chance to get together on Thursday. I'm going to play some pool at Harry's and I wanted to see if you wanted to come along."

You hear the words coming out strong and sure. No hesitation.

She accepts the offer, and you know that you've got to lock this in with a closer line of some kind. You rehearse the words over and over in your mind (and if you can, you should say them out loud to help with the memorization.) "That's great. I figured you might be a fun person. Meet me there at seven. And, Kirsten, you're not the kind of gal who would make plans with someone and then break them later, are you? Because I have to let you know that I like my friends to be reliable and not flaky. Wouldn't you agree?"

And of course, she'll agree.

"So that's that," you say. "I hope you're also the kind of gal that likes having an exciting time, too. But enough promises. You'll just have to find out for yourself. See you, Kirsten."

And you review and rehearse these words, making sure they carry your intention and presence, remembering that most of what you say is not in the words but in the tone and attitude.

Review and Rehearse

You plan what to do if she says "No" or "Can I call you Thursday and confirm?" You plan for the events you know could happen (from your top ten list) and you think of what to say, and you mentally rehearse those, too.

(It's my experience that most guys would rather beg for help from someone else to tell them what to do rather than figure it out themselves.)

Think of all the things she could say, rehearse your answer to them, and you'll be ready. Sure, there are a hundred things she could say that you can't predict, but don't worry about that, because you can only plan for so many contingencies. Just think out for the most likely ones, and be prepared.

These simple steps are all that you need to do to be ready for almost any circumstances and turn what is normally a failure for most guys into success. Most mistakes are not mistakes if you can follow up and take some kind of corrective action, but don't just throw your hands up and say, "What else could I do? She told me she didn't have a night free for the next two weeks. So I said I'd call her in a couple weeks."

But you know what? As simple as it is to rehearse and be prepared, most guys won't do it. They feel weird planning and practicing in advance. They figure they should just miraculously know all this stuff and have it come right off their tongue.

No one is a born natural with women. NO ONE. You have to learn and practice.

And it's much better to practice in the safety of your own think-tank first before you go out and get your hard knocks in the real world, don't you agree?

If you've got the self-discipline to actually do this, you'll find that you can overcome almost all your stumbling blocks with women by using this mental simulation, and you'll increase your confidence along the way.

Carlos Xuma

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