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Francoise Rapp
If your love life needs a little spicing-up, spend a lustful evening with your lover indulging in the following aromatic creations. After all, these sizzling summer months are the perfect time to unleash passion, abandon yourself to pure desire, and reveal your sensual side! These aromatic blends will bring excitement and intimacy into your relationship, allowing you to reconnect and renew your commitment.

Blend to Light Your Lover's Fire...I Swear You Will!

Playfulness, intensity, and pleasure are on your side tonight! Create even more heat by diffusing the blend below in your home for just for few hours.

Blend for Intimacy and Bonding

Create a sanctuary-like setting in your home. Buy fresh flowers, a good bottle of wine, have a catered meal, light candles, and wear something that makes you feel sexy. Diffuse the following blend to enhance this sense of intimacy and celebrate your beautiful love. Tonight you can talk about the next step to take in your relationship. Talk about the future and your mutual plans. Enchantment and a more profound commitment are in the air tonight!
Francoise Rapp

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