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Astra Niedra
If you admire someone who is an artist and you think that they are better than you because of their artistic ability, then you have probably disowned your own artistic or creative self and you might have as a primary self a very logical, practical self.

And if you really can't stand someone who is blatantly selfish and you judge them for being selfish, then you have probably disowned your selfishness and have as a primary self a more generous and giving self.

What you have disowned and what is primary in you, also gives you a good indication of what kinds of people you will be attracted to and enter into relationship with.

The two main scenarios are:

1. You will like people who have similar primary selves to you, and you will dislike people who's primary selves are your disowned selves. You will usually choose as friends those people who's primary selves you like.

2. But you will be attracted to people who carry your disowned selves, either the positive ones or negative ones. Usually we will enter into quite intense relationships with people who carry our disowned selves.

By understanding your personality in this way, you will be able to become aware of the various selves in both you and your partner and how they interact with each other. And your relationship itself can be a wonderful teacher for your own process of personal growth.

Astra Niedra

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