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As you can guess, millions of people worldwide use various online love sites daily, so internet dating statistics should tell an interesting picture. Heres a few for starters:

Up to 30% of American singles have used matchmaking sites.

Women, on average, receive over 5 emails daily.

Around 40% of men say they dont feel confident meeting women the first time.

The overall cost of personal sites has dropped over the last 2 years.

On the first date my women think men arent truthful.

Generally, guys prefer women younger than themselves.

Most people would prefer to be in a relationship than not.

Over a third of women dont like guys being clingy.

Most girls say personality is much more important than looks.

Men, on average, receive only 1 or 2 emails daily

60% of women prefer men older than themselves.

If you know of a site with up-to-date internet dating statistics please let me know! Especially, relative to success rates.

Heres some quick internet dating tips. As always, take them with a pitch salt and have a great time using the Net to meet like-minded people its about fun not advice.

Decide first on want you want from online dating sites: marriage, long-term partner, quick fling, friends, some fun?

Read reviews of different almost all site reviews; just search for them;

Decide if a particular site is within your budget dont be fooled by Join for a buck for thee days!. Believe me, you cant much in three days!

Personally, if you can afford it I would recommend join at least two internet dating site, because, that way youre more likely to meet more people and as a consequence achieve your goals quicker;

Im sure you are aware: never give out any personal information whatsoever until you are completely satisfied the personal you are in contact with is trustworthy;

Before meeting some one, tell your friends and relatives of your intentions, and tell them where you are going.

Above all HAVE FUN!

There are just some simple internet dating tips! Dating should be enjoyable and a new experience, so treat is that way and have a great time too!

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