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It is healthy for an individual to be single for a while, in order to introspect and feel complete without being emotionally dependent on another. However, while temporary singledom is welcome, if you've been alone for more than two years at a stretch and not voluntarily, it could mean there's a problem and you're doing something wrong. If you have been trying to find a partner but have been unable to do so, the following are a few mistakes that you could be making that are keeping you single. If you are guilty of any of the latter, stop yourself and correct your attitude and/or behaviour.

What you think is often what you manifest, so if you have convinced yourself that you can't find love, you probably won't. This kind of an attitude is usually a result of bad relationships in the past or low self-esteem. You need to break this monotony of thought and start to give yourself credit. Think positively about love and make yourself believe that you are capable or both giving and receiving love.

Break patterns

Another mistake that could be keeping you single is that you have a stereotype of the ideal man or woman and only want to date someone who fits the profile. While having preferences is not a bad idea, if your stereotype is 'bad' kinds, you will continue to jump in and out of bad relationships with unstable people. Because you only date a certain type of person.

Love not leash

Being in love with someone and being attached to someone are two different concepts, if you don't understand the difference, you will end up chasing any man or woman away from you because people look for a partner and not a clingy sob story. If you are with someone, there needs to be a balance of emotional give and take, if you are the type that gets over possessive or needs to be with their partner 24/7, you might be repelling people more than attracting them. So, if this is the case, change now.


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