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Chevrolet Corvette Cars

I was looking at the Chevrolet Corvette cars that have sold recently on eBay Motors. There were 2547 Corvette cars that came up in my search of completed items, but a lot of them closed without a bidder.

The oldest of the Corvette cars that sold recently was a 1954 project car kit that sold for $6100. The seller was in Austin, Texas and listed the car has having 9,999 miles. The pictures I looked at made the car look like a pile of junk and that the term car was used very loosely.

Old Corvette car bodies are usually purchased by someone that has a lot of time and money to spend fixing up cars. These types of cars are bought as more of a hobby than for transportation. The kind of buyer that purchased this item would probably never buy new Corvette cars.

I sorted the recently closed Corvette cars putting the highest priced ones first and found that the top seven

Corvette cars have been in production since 1953. They have two body styles that both have only two doors. The two body styles for Corvette cars are the coupe and the convertible. The manufacturer of Corvette cars is General Motors.

If you are a big fan of Corvette cars, there is a National Corvette Museum in Boling Green, Kentucky. This museum is a showcase for the Corvette. The museum currently has an anniversary celebration going on that will last another week.

A sports car is type of automobile designed for sporting performance. While opinions differ as to the exact definition, most sports cars have two seats and two doors, and are designed to excel at a combination of acceleration, top speed, braking, and maneuverability. Great emphasis is often placed on handlingthe ability of the car to remain in the control of the driver under challenging condition such as when the car's tires begin to lose their grip on corners.

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