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How to compliment a woman you've just met?

It happens all the time. You spot an intriguing woman and must talk to her or live with regret for the rest of your life. How do you compliment her without appearing too aggressive? Or worse, tasteless?

1) Think about commenting on actions instead of looks. "Great moves!" for the groover on the dance floor, or "Healthy diet!" for the chick buying greens at the supermarket.

2) Commend a woman for her wit or intelligence ("Funny joke!" "Great idea!") rather than her beautiful assets. She'll like the attention to something of substance.

3) Compliment a woman's looks - hair, clothes, jewellery - only if you can do so with a sincere smile, or she'll think you're tossing her a line.

4) Consider asking her first if she takes compliment well. If she smiles encouragingly, tell her she's got a great smile, if she gives you a dirty look, drop the idea pronto!

5) Consider compliments that may lead to conversation: "Love your bike - where do you like to cycle?"


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