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Jeff Bayer

Basic equipment: A snow bike or a regular bike with extra grip tires.

Health benefits: Snow biking is an excellent exercise for targeting the quad and hamstring muscles. It also strengthens the muscles around the knee joint, reducing your chances of experiencing knee pain when participating in other activities. Snow biking is also perfect if you are looking to increase your focus, as you have to constantly be aware of your balance on the bike and the speed at which you are moving in order to keep yourself steady on the slippery and uneven terrain.


Basic equipment: A pair of running shoes with good traction.

Health benefits: There are few activities that boast the same cardiovascular benefits as running -- and doing it on snow takes this activity up another notch. In fact, running on the white stuff reduces your base of support, helping you to torch more calories and strengthen your calf and ankle muscles as they work to stabilize your foot. This activity will greatly improve your cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.


Basic equipment: Hiking shoes and poles (optional).

Health benefits: Hiking is a great winter activity to do while on vacation or simply when you feel the need to get away from city life. Not only will it give you an excellent conditioning workout, but retreating into the calmness of nature will relieve stress. When climbing up hills, you will specifically target your quad and calf muscles. Your agility will also be improved as you work your way around various obstacles in your path.

Tackle football

Basic equipment: A good pair of running shoes with traction, pads, a helmet, and a football.

Health benefits: If you thought football was only a summer/fall sport, you were mistaken. Playing a game of tackle football in the winter is an excellent way to improve your physical condition and spend time with the guys. Since you are playing in the snow, you will get the same benefits stated above for running, but they will be amplified because you will also have to maneuver around your opponents. This is a great way to increase your agility and reaction time. Along with these benefits, fresh snow will provide more cushioning if you get tackled, so your risk of injury will be slightly reduced.

embrace winter sports

If going to the gym day after day begins to feel monotonous, don't let your health fall by the wayside. Take up a few fun winter activities to keep both your fitness and motivational levels in check.
Jeff Bayer

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