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John Boe
Yin Yang Relationships - How to Find YOUR Perfect Partner

Yin Yang is the ancient, Chinese symbol for balance. It depicts the strong attraction and complementary nature of opposites. Just as magnate and metal attract, while oil and water repel, we too are subject to these laws of nature in our relationships. For example, we have all met people for whom we feel an immediate affinity or for some unknown reason, an instant dislike. We are attracted or repelled by others instinctively. This intuitive feeling goes beyond physical attraction. In reality, what we are responding to is the natural chemistry, or lack there of, between temperament styles. Understanding temperament styles will not only have a positive impact on the way you see yourself, but it will also enhance your relationship with others. If you are single, it will provide you insight into selecting a compatible partner. If you are a parent, it can dramatically improve the way you raise your children. If you are a salesperson, this information will significantly enhance your sales effectiveness by enabling you to build trust and rapport quickly.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is credited with originating the basic theory of four temperament styles. He concluded that our behavior style was determined genetically at birth rather than from external influences such as astrology or birth order. Hippocrates identified the physiology of each of the four temperament styles and concluded that we are born with a combination of four genetic influences: Choleric (Worker), Sanguine (Talker), Phlegmatic (Watcher) and Melancholy (Thinker). According to Hippocrates, the extroverted Choleric (Worker) was short-tempered and ill natured, but had a dynamic desire for action! The extroverted Sanguine (Talker) was cheerful, outgoing and optimistic, but not very serious or organized. The introverted Phlegmatic (Watcher) was slow and sluggish, but could stay calm, cool and collected under pressure. The introverted Melancholy (Thinker) was deep, sad and depressive, but also a thoughtful, gifted and analytical genius.
John Boe

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