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John Boe
It is important to note that we are born into our temperament style and that it is unrelated to race, gender, or age. Our personality is comprised of traits from all four styles but our primary and secondary styles will have the most noticeable influence. By reviewing the traits of the four temperament styles listed below, you will be able to determine your primary and secondary style.

The Choleric (Worker) is:

Extroverted Determined Demanding Domineering Controlling Practical - Self-reliant Decisive Independent Confident - Goal-oriented - Risk-taker Aggressive Insensitive Impatient

The Sanguine (Talker) is:

Extroverted Enthusiastic Emotional Sociable Impulsive Articulate Optimistic Persuasive - Self-absorbed Generous Egotistical Charming Unorganized Playful - Personable

The Phlegmatic (Watcher) is:

Introverted Accommodating Harmonious Agreeable Indecisive Uninvolved Sympathetic Undermining Patient Supportive Stable Possessive Passive Selfish Bashful - Tolerant

The Melancholy (Thinker) is:

Introverted Analytical Thoughtful Organized Critical Shy Detailed Pessimistic Sensitive Diplomatic Economical Loyal Introspective Private Conscientious Moody

Unfortunately, most people do not appreciate the value of temperament diversity in their relationships. Some people define a successful relationship as one where they have similar interests and much in common with their partner. Many make the fundamental mistake of believing that similarity is the key to compatibility.

The most common and natural attraction of opposites is between the introvert and extrovert. Like the attraction between Yin and Yang, introverts and extroverts recognize in one another the qualities and traits they require for balance. The two most naturally balanced relationships are between the Worker & Watcher styles or the Talker & Thinker styles. Due to their aggressive and controlling nature, the least compatible relationship is between two Workers. All relationship combinations can work if people understand the temperament dynamics and are willing to make adjustments as required. Whether it is a nation, a company, or a personal relationship, strength and balance are found in our complementary differences, not in our similarities.

John Boe

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