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Brettani Webb
Do you remember the days when you would go to great lengths to impress your significant other or way back to the days when make-believe was the center of your existence? If you don't, take my word for it, it was really fun. When we're all grown up and playing house isn't playing anymore, our priorities change and we forget all about being carefree and fun loving. We focus on work, finances, family, and if we find the time, a little romance.

Double dating can go a long way to bringing the healthy imagination and variety from our adolescence back into our relationship. Spending time with your friends can help bring a different kind of intimacy to your relationship. Many times it puts things into perspective knowing you're not the only couple in the world who may do certain things.

When planning your "double date," be aware that every couple has a certain way of doing things, so choose activities that still allow each couple to be independent. Each party should be able to participate as much or as much as they wish according to their personal preferences. While some activities are appropriate for all couples, some should only be attempted by already close-knit friends. For example, two couples on a camping trip that don't know each other very well could end up becoming a very uncomfortable situation. Activities like camping require too much lifestyle integration under inescapable circumstances for unfamiliar couples.

Whatever activity you choose, keep in mind that, as much fun as it can promote, double dating can also put pressure on a relationship if someone feels neglected. Make sure to stay attentive to your partner.

For some great ideas for your next "double date," see below!

Quadding, snow mobiling, jet skiing and water skiing are great for the outdoor types. Recreational vehicles are often rented at lakeside resorts.

Rent a party or a houseboat at a lake for the afternoon. Split the cost of the houseboat among all attendees. Have everyone be responsible for bringing something such as music, a camera, food and party supplies.

Slick-kart or go-kart racing requires a willingness to adjust your maturity level a bit, but is well worth it. I encourage you to give it a try as it's certainly an activity that is sure to bring out the child in you.

Host an international potluck. You can get a kit for these types of parties online. For example, you can host a murder mystery party where everyone is in costume; the kit comes with a game plan, strategy and specific characters. Each party brings a different ethnic dish to dinner. For example, one person brings lasagna and another brings borsch, etc.

Host a character party. Similar to the above suggestions, you can order kits for these parties online that come with costumes, game plans, strategies and specific character outlines. One of the most popular themes is murder mystery, Clue style.

Take a dinner train through the mountains. They range from formal to casual or theme based environments. For more information go to American Dinner Trains or Dinner Theater on the Rails.

Take off for a three-day cruise. Surf the web for cruise information. You'll find that they are reasonably priced and categorized by the average age of passengers on each cruise line. That way, you can choose to be in your own element.

Day at the river, lake or beach. Nothing brings about romance and unites friendships like a day spent relaxing and wading at your favorite water spot. Have everyone bring goodies to share.

Go golfing or play miniature golf. Spending the day in a beautifully groomed park atmosphere while learning or practicing a sport you all enjoy is a kind of secret paradise. If you're not inclined to playing the sport, fun it up a bit with a few rounds of miniature golf and video games.

Brettani Webb

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