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Probably. Most all reputable agencies except only applications / profiles from ladies they actually interviewed in person. If this is the case then yes the person you are writing to is a real person. If you are writing to a lady who is not affiliated with a agency she is probably real also.

Some agency have started offering copies of the woman's passport. To me that means nothing. The best way to find out if she is real or not is simply by corresponding with her via email once or twice then picking up the phone and calling her. Discuss things you have written about. If she is in tune to what you have written then feel at ease. Also ask her so send recent a photo or two. If she does not have one then more than likely the agency can take a photograph of her when she comes into the agency to send and receive letters.

Like anything there are always someone who wants to run a scam but out of fifty or so guys that I have met none of them have experienced this problem. If you feel uneasy about a situation contact the agency and express your concerns. Any reputable agency will work with you to overcome the problem's.

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