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Sahayak Plowman
Feeling the pressures try to simplify your life!

Feeling a little run down, finding life a bit hectic at the moment? Perhaps you are doing too much, too much of what you have to do rather than want to do? It's worth pausing for a moment to see in which direction life is taking you. If your life is careering out of control and you are being swept along by it, then its time to take back the control.

So where to begin how do you put the brakes on, to bring back the control? Perhaps its time to simplify things; time to give yourself quality rather than quantity. Because if you don't chances are you will begin to suffer from anxiety, depression or stress.

In today's world we have so much gadgetry in our lives supposedly designed to assist us. But is it assisting us or ruling us? If it is then you could start by discarding items that take up your time, rather than giving you time. Time to spend doing the things that help your relax, that are fun or fulfilling.

Once you start discarding you will be amazed how different you feel. You will be free of both physical and mind clutter. Also make a list of all the things you do and what you do it with from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Are you doubling up anywhere, do you find that some things are not at all fulfilling. If they're not then discard them to further simplify your life.

With the extra time you are creating for yourself you could now go for a walk or run or start visiting the local gym, or catch up and spend quality time with friends or family. Perhaps its time to drag out the old easel and finish that painting, you know the one you put in the cupboard because you became too busy to work on it any more!

How long as it been since you packed a big hamper and went for a long drive in the country. Did you pack your swimmers there are some great waterholes in those creeks remember? No one is indispensable, you could ask your secretary to take all your calls while you cycle to work and enjoy the morning breezes.

One of the reasons we are finding the pressures of life overbearing is that we are functioning most of the time with our mind. The mind is all complexity not simplicity. The mind drives us with its expectations, desires, doubts, fears, suspicions and greed. Our simplicity, contentment and our happiness rises from our spiritual heart, a psychic energy centre much deeper than the mind. Here we feel our oneness with the world, not our separativity from it. The mind causes confusion and division not harmony and tranquillity.

In simplicity lies our happiness, peace, contentment and fulfilment. Simplicity gives back to us the vision to see the wonders of Mother Nature, her beauty, power and perfection. Simplicity gives us creativity, the energy to express ourselves in so many ways. Simplicity we can mirror by watching the joy, love, spontaneity and selflessness of children. Simplicity gives us clarity, wisdom, sincerity and humility. Simplicity gives us inner freedom and outer enthusiasm and boundless energy. Simplicity we need to regain in our daily lives.

Sri Chinmoy the mediation teacher says of simplicity, (1) "Simplicity, you are alert you are dynamic. In you there is always an inner urge for new and illumining realisations. In your heart there is no place for the static, stagnant, barren and dead realities. Your heart is unreservedly involved in determining man's soulful success and fruitful progress.

Simplicity, you are great. You do not house mental narrowness, vital laziness or intellectual indifference. Simplicity, you are good. Your very existence on earth grants the Truth-seeker, the God-lover, the rare capacity to combine in his life beauty with power, duty with delight and expectation with satisfaction".

How do we nurture simplicity, through the beauty of meditation and prayer? Away from the limitations and contradictions of the mind we open ourselves to the power of our true inner nature. Here free from any negative thoughts or feelings we regain our poise, simplicity, happiness and quietude.

Sahayak Plowman

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