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Wearing Perfume

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Melissa Hamilton
Techniques of Wearing Perfume

According to the author, the best places to dab or spray perfume is as follows:

Pulse points



Collarbone area

Behind the knees

Mr. Groom states, however, not to place perfume behind the ears! Interestingly enough, the alcohol in the perfume dries more quickly in this area.

Layering a scent is also a way to enhance the both the efficacy and pleasure of wearing perfume. As part of your bath/shower, use perfume-scented soap or shower gel then apply the same scented body lotion to your skin. The final step will be spray or dab on the perfume for a richly fragrant scent.

Perfume & the Modern Renaissance Woman

Using perfume and accenting the experience with a little knowledge about the history and creation of perfume will enhance your life as a Modern Renaissance Woman. If you have not done so recently, stop by the cosmetic counter at one of the fine retail stores or the mall. Sample fragrances from several manufacturers and designers to determine what scent works for you.

Melissa Hamilton

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