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The internet and the online communication have added just a new wrinkle in the old rules and patterns of love. To create and preserve a good relationship, this is a fact that should confer stability and reciprocal trust. Unfortunately, the actual technology did not solve any of the problems related to this subject. Actually, there exist tons of websites that work to match people up, more and more people find each other but not many decide to stay and live together for live. Even online dating services provide a medium where people from different regions can meet, they dont provide the necessary tools to keep people together once theyve met.

Chat rooms meetings and the email communication can end by serious misunderstandings and misrepresentations from both sides. You may be a single woman, mid 40s, average weight and height and you may represent as a 23 year old Lady. When two online daters meet in person for the first time, usually there is some kind of shock. The most common practice related to this kind of relationships is that the men who are actually married pose as singles looking for relationships and, simply cheating on their waives.

The main issue with online relationships is represented by the increased capacity of the people who lie about what they really want and who they really are in the day by day life. There is absolutely no guarantee that people you meet on the internet are anything like the people they say they are, even with pics exchanges, background checks or cam to cam live meetings.

So, as a conclusion, never totally trust people you meet online for the first time. Try to test, try to get as much details as possible about them but never try to cheat your partner because thats not fair for any of the both parties.


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