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Secrets of Romance

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Jennifer Good
Secrets of A Blissful Romance

How you live your life determines what kind of love you experience...

If you don't try how will you know?

Remember how precious your loved one is. You never know if today is the last day you'll see them. Don't do something you'd regret if you never got a chance to see them again to make amends.

Being romantic means something different to everyone. To me it means being high spirited, completely carefree in love and willing to take the risk of truly loving someone with all your heart. Meaning: don't let embarrassment or shyness get in the way of showing your affection!

Hope is the motto for a romantic. Even if things don't work out perfectly today, who says it won't when the time is right? Don't give up without a worthy fight!

Love the one you're with. Why compromise what could possibly be a great relationship by not focusing on who you're with now. If you're not happy with it, leave. Otherwise, give your partner 100%. You'll find your attention will not go unreturned!

"Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities." -Sue Atchley Ebaugh

What is the ideal relationship to you? Write it down as specifically as you can. Decide to make your relationship as close to this model as possible. Whenever you feel the relationship falling, pull out that paper and remind yourself what you need to do to get it to your ideal state.

Remember, you are your own best counsel. Practice doing what you know is best for you today. By second guessing yourself, you're making yourself your own worst enemy.

Be the best you can be. If you don't think you're good at something, practice until you are! If this involves the subject of romance, learn as much as you can about being romantic and then DO those things! There is no excuse for not knowing OR doing!

Ponder the words of Torquato Tasso, "Any time not spent in love is wasted."

"People tend to question when you start something and worry about the ending; they forget that its the middle that counts the most." -Words of Wisdom submitted by visitor JJ

Know who you are. Take the time to write down who you are and what you like. Don't write down what you'd like to be or who you think other people want you to be... only who you actually are. I think that in today's world a lot of people forget to just be themselves and be okay with it. So, today be okay with who you are!

Enjoy life! For one day, smile wherever you go. Pick flowers on the roadside. Instead of arguing, kiss and make up. Do something spontaneous. What's the point of working so hard if you don't take at least a few minutes to really enjoy it?

Sometimes... a heart can not afford to be... just friends!

Be there for your love, emotionally and physically (if possible). The comfort and bond you feel with someone you know is just there for you, can not be matched. So, leave a note or take a few moments out of your day to let your sweetheart or other loved one know that you are there for them.

"Love is like evergreens; they go through the roughest times but never fade." -Words of Wisdom submitted by visitor Loriann

Love isn't a one way street. It is something that needs to be maintained. If you find yourself falling out of love it's not because it doesn't exist between you anymore. It is because it isn't being created anymore. Make the time to follow the definition of romance. Make your partner feel loved!

"How long does youth last? So long as we are loved." -from the The Golden Book of Countess Diana

Sometimes we forget how valuable our significant other is. We get caught up in our day to day lives and our relationships end up suffering. Make some time to let your partner know how much you appreciate them being in your life. Even if it's just a quick note!

"To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart." Remember, before you react to any situation think with your heart first. Really try to understand the motivation behind the other person's behavior. More often than not, there is some other situation you are unaware of that has prompted an attack. Try this tip and watch how upsets in your daily life decrease!

Jennifer Good

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