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Cynthia Perkins
Any activity that is soul-satisfying is something that nurtures our soul, makes us feel whole, complete, satisfied, euphoric, deeply connected with the universe, God, or whatever your spiritual connections. So, soul-satisfying sex is sex that provides us with these wonderful feelings. Soul-satisfying sex can only occur with people we are connected to emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. This includes our connections to ourselves.

If you are connected to your lover on all these levels then the more satisfying the sex will be. Sure we can have good sex with someone we are only attracted to on a physical level, but that is not fulfilling for our souls. It will only satisfy us physically and leave us empty emotionally and spiritually. We usually feel like we are missing something in our life and unfulfilled. The thing we are missing is deep connections to another person and soul satisfaction.

The deeper our connections with the person we are having sex with, the more exciting, satisfying and ecstatic our sex will be. You will experience sex that takes you to a higher level of consciousness and cements you to your lover. Not only will you have a physical orgasm,

but you will have a body, mind and spirit orgasm, which is an orgasm like no other. You will experience total euphoria, complete bliss and heights of passion like you never experienced before. Penetration becomes a union of the souls. The ultimate spiritual high is achieved

when engaging in soul-satisfying sex.

Deep connections with other people may be very frightening. It means we can be hurt and we may be afraid to expose our true selves to others. Thus hopping from partner to partner can become an easy way to avoid intimacy and the risk of being hurt, but ultimately what happens when doing this is that you short change yourself from experiencing the deepest, most passionate, mind blowing sex one can find as well as profound complete satisfaction and fulfillment emotionally, physically, and spiritually. You will prevent yourself from reaching your highest potential as a sexual human being.

Another component of soul-satisfying sex is communication. In order to really connect with another we need to communicate. In order to communicate we need to have some type of a relationship. The more we get to know someone the more we share of ourselves. Great sex requires communication. Most of us find it difficult to communicate intimately with a stranger. We need to foster a relationship before we communicate too much. Therefore the deeper our connections with our lover the freer we will be to communicate our desires, needs, wants, fantasies etc.

Thus, the more two lovers understand each other the better they will be able to satisfy one another. The more we communicate the better the sex will be and the connection will deepen. The deeper the connection the more we will communicate. Thus it becomes reciprocal with each feeding the other. The greater the intimacy, the better the sex and this will create bonds so intense that desires for each other and desire and willingness to please each other will be raging.

One of the most wonderful aspects about soul-satisfying sex is that it has no limits. When two people continue to deepen their intimacy, connections and bonds to one another they can always reach a new height of ecstasy that was not reached before.

Cynthia Perkins

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