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It is often the small, unexpected romantic gestures that mean the very most in a relationship. By keeping the element of romantic surprise in your relationship, you are keeping your relationship exciting and interesting. When couples get too settled in their ways and too predictable, it can be boring. It is important to keep the fire of love burning between you and your partner, by doing unexpected romantic gestures occasionally. For woman, receiving flowers by surprise from their boyfriend is very romantic. Flowers are a perfect expression of love and passion, as they are delicate, vibrant and fragrant. To have flowers arrive at your work from the love of your life tells you that he loves you and wants the world to know. That is a very exciting and passionate message to receive!

Also, to be taken out for lunch by your loved one by surprise is very nice. This says that your partner loves you anytime, even in the middle of a workday. Of course peoples schedules are busy with their work on occasion, but even to try to meet your loved one for lunch once every few weeks if possible says a lot to them.

Another very romantic gesture is to make a delicious homemade dinner for your partner. Perhaps sometime you can plan this when your partner least expects it and they will be so impressed that you took the time to make such a nice meal for them. Too often, couples take it for granted that their partner makes dinner for them most of the time and they dont show that they appreciate it, or do they reciprocate the gesture. If you are one of these people who come home to a good meal that your partner makes most of the time, it is your turn to do this for them. Nobody wants to be the giver all the time. Sometimes, one needs to be the receiver of thoughtfulness and love. Be to your partner all the good things that they are to you. A relationship will be more successful if there is bal Another thing that you should know is that woman love desserts! With this in mind, you may want to consider surprising your girlfriend by taking her out for a decadent dessert somewhere or buying one to have at home together with a bottle of wine. This would be an after dinner surprise and a well received one I am sure.

Another fun and romantic gesture is to go out to a beach somewhere and have a picnic together. Bring a blanket, some great food and a bottle of wine. This is definitely an idea that will enhance the passion in your relationship. There is just something about being near the water with your loved one, on secluded beach on a summer night. I assure you that a picnic on a beach will make the fire of love burn brightly for both of you.

In general, romantic surprises are exciting for every couple. Be creative and spontaneous and make sure that what you do is a gesture of love from the heart.

The response will always be a good one, if you are with the right person. True love is enhanced when couples express their true selves to each other in various romantic ways. Let love guide you to bringing your relationship to an even higher level of passion.


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