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When you are planning an evening of romance with your loved one, it is important to serve the right foods to enhance the passion. Finger foods are very sensual and should definitely be on the list of items that you buy to enjoy the perfect night of romance.

The best place to go to get finger foods is a local deli or a grocery store, which carries some specialty items. You will want to get an assortment of fresh fruit to cut up into bit size pieces and place in a colorful arrangement on a plate. Dont forget to get a creamy, fluffy, sweet fruit dip of sorts. You may want to make your own fruit dip from vanilla yogurt, cream cheese and whip cream. If you mix these items together it will be decadent. You may even want to have a fruit fondue so that you can dip the fruit into melted chocolate with sticks. The sight of strawberries dripping with hot melted chocolate will definitely make a person enter into the realm of passion and sensual desire.

Whip cream in a can is very sexy too! There is something about the sound of whip cream being sprayed out of a pressurized can that is very suggestive. Who is to say that the cream has to be put on the fruit either? Let your romantic creativity run wild and see where passion takes you. You may both be pleasantly surprised. If you are preparing a tray of fruit, make sure that the fruit is fresh, ripe and colorful. Keep in mind that some fruit turns brown if it sits too long, so it is always good to prepare it as close as possible to the time that you are serving it.

You may even decide to use some of the fruit as garnishes on your plate or maybe even on the edge of your drink glasses. Ice cold, frozen tropical drinks truly deserve wedges of fresh pineapple, orange or ripe red cherries to enhance them. Again, be creative with colorful toothpicks and small umbrellas on your drinks. The more exotic looking the better!

Next, fresh veggies are in order. A tray of assorted fresh vegetables, cut up into bit size pieces would be good. Arrange the vegetables in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Place a good veggie dip in the center of the platter. You may want to buy a powdered type of dip mix that you add things to. Ranch flavor for dips tend to be popular. You may want to stay away from and strong garlic or onion flavored dips unless you are sure that both of you like this type of thing. You wouldnt want bad breath to stand in the way of a passionate night of romance.

Finally, get some hot finger foods to make everything complete. There are several frozen appetizers that you can buy to heat up in the oven, which is really easy to prepare, yet very good. Chicken wings can be great too! It depends on the mood you are both in.

An assortment of different cheeses and crackers are excellent too. If you go this route, be sure to get a good bottle of wine to enjoy with them and maybe some olives, if you like those. There is something about the taste of wine, cheese and olives that is extremely sensual and passionate. Certain foods just good so well with love and romance it seems.

Finally, make your presentation of all the food look good! Use toothpicks, sticks, small forks, napkins and colorful drink umbrellas. You may even want to place some glitter on your tablecloth and light some candles to set the mood. Dont forget the romantic music either. Some classical or folk music turned down low, can really set the mood for love. Embrace the evening and enjoy the assortment of fine foods, as you both enter into the realm of passion and romance like you have never known.


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