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Often, couples can experience more fun and romance by eating at home, than by eating out at a restaurant. There is so much freedom to be creative when you prepare a meal at home for you and your loved one. Better yet, you can have your own creative theme for your dinner at home together!

The best place to start is to decide what theme you want for your romantic dinner at home. Do you want a beach theme, a nature theme or a Mexican theme? Lets say you want to have a beach theme. A trip to an inexpensive department store is in order for this. There are so many items that you can get for a dollar or two to make your romantic beach theme dinner fun. For instance, you can get some sand and some stones at the store. Usually the sand that you buy at the store comes in different colors, which can be fun. If you have access to real sand, that is even better. Also you can buy or collect bags of stones and bags of shells. With these items you can decorate the dinner table and coffee table. You may even put the sand on a plate and put shells and stones around some pillar candles as a centerpiece. This really sets the mood!

Next, you will want to consider the music. What sorts of music to you associate with the beach? Maybe the Beach Boys music is in order? Another idea is soft music with the sounds of surf in the background with seagulls etc. This would certainly set the atmosphere that you are looking for.

With respect to food, I would suggest fun foods like hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, salads etc.. Summer foods being the theme for the menu. You might want to make up a fresh fruit tray that would include various melon slices, berries and a nice yogurt or whip cream type of dip. Chips and dip and maybe even popcorn would be great snack foods too for the evening. Finger foods in general are fun and suitable for the theme. As far as dessert goes, maybe you will want to make your own sundaes or have ice cream cones. Either of these types of dessert ideas would go over well.

To make things even more fun, you might want to make some frozen alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and garnish them with colorful umbrellas, cherries and orange wedges. Think summer and you will know what drinks to make. Maybe fresh squeezed lemonade is a good idea. Dont forget the straws and get lots of ice too!

As a finishing touch, you might want to have coconut scented candles or fragrant oil burning to create a nice fragrance to remind you both of summer. You could even take this further and buy some coconut bath products and message oils to add to the passion of the night together. If you have a bath, put beach towels out for each of you to dry off with, again in theme of summer. Hey, you might even want to sport your bikini and flip flop shoes for a while for fun!

There is no limit to the fun you can both have with dinner theme nights. You can even have a theme lunch or breakfast for that matter. Nothing says that you cant be creative at any hour of the day. The more creative and unexpected, the better the time will be together. Be yourselves and have lots of fun!


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