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Best Romantic Meeting Places

Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or getting together with your current partner, it is nice to select a romantic meeting place if you can. Of course what is romantic for one person may not be for another, but there are some general places that everyone seems to enjoy.

One of the most romantic places to meet would be near the water somewhere. Meeting at a beach, by a lake or near a river gives a certain sense of peace and serenity. Romance tends to be nurtured by peaceful and serene places. If you are nowhere near water, maybe you could meet at a beautiful park somewhere with many trees and flower gardens and maybe even a fountain. Again, there is something about meeting in nature that stimulates feelings of love on a primitive level.

If you are not the outdoors type of couple, maybe you could meet at a coffee shop somewhere. Coffee shops tend to have nice atmospheres and stimulate good conversation together over a cup of coffee or tea. The warmth of a hot beverage combined with a comfortable place to sit and good company is a fine blend!

If you are meeting at a mealtime, perhaps it should be a brunch or supper date and you should meet at the restaurant of your choice. Chinese restaurants are very popular meeting places it seems, as many people enjoy this kind of food. Also, a lot of Chinese food is finger food, which adds to the romance. There is something about eating something with your hands together that is sexy!

If you and your partner enjoy bars, maybe you should meet at a local pub and have a beer and some chicken wings together. Who knows, you might even catch a game on the big screen if it is a sports bar. Keep in mind if you go this direction that you should make sure both of you enjoy sports, otherwise, one will be watching the game, while the other is wondering when it will end so that they can go home.

Another option is to meet at the food court of a local mall. This is a retail meeting place but it can be romantic if you make it that way. Maybe in this case you can arrive earlier than your partner and surprise them with a small gift that you think they might like. Also, after eating in the food court, if can be fun to look through the mall together and observe the kinds of things both of you like. You can learn a lot about a person by watching how they behave in a mall.

Another option is to meet at a Tennis Court to play a game together! If you both play tennis or some other sport, why not meet to play this sport together? Sometimes a good physical workout can be very sexy! Not only are you sweating and keeping healthy through exercise, a good workout clears the mind and gets the body in peak shape, which is very sexy!

Another creative idea is to meet at a grocery store and pick out food for a picnic together. This can be both fun and very romantic for both of you! Make sure if you do this, that you have some sort of picnic supplies with you such as plates, cutlery, napkins and drinking glasses. You dont want to have to buy 25 sets of cutlery when you only need 2 sets. Sometimes the grocery store will let you have some cutlery from there deli area but dont plan on it. Bring what you need from home, including a cozy picnic blanket! A picnic is unique and economical and can also be a lot of fun!


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