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What is the best date? A date can either be really bad or really good depending on who you are and whom you are with. There are so many aspects to dating. Lets go over some of the best dates and what makes them that way.

Some dates are the best because they are either well planned or very spontaneous. Again, it depends on the couple involved and how they interact together and what they like. In many cases couples who have similar interests like sports, art, nature, cooking, dancing etc., usually have a great time if they are doing what they both enjoy together.

Lets say for instance, a couple likes nature and the outdoors a lot. The best date for such a couple might be to go camping in the woods somewhere. They could go to a nice forested campground, maybe near the water and set up camp together. They could have a bonfire and roast some hotdogs and marshmallows. It would be so romantic to sit and watch the fire and listen to it crackle in the night. They could experience a peace and love as they embrace nature and all its beauty. In the morning, they could pack a picnic and go for a hike somewhere. This is the best date for a couple who love the outdoors.

On the other hand, maybe a couple likes the city life. In this case the best date might be to dress up and go out for a romantic dinner somewhere and then go to a bar to go dancing. This would be a romantic, high-energy date as the couple could dance socially drink and party together until the early morning. This would be the best date for couples who love good food, good drinks and lots of dancing.

Another type of date might involve something cultural. For instance, a couple could have a nice, romantic dinner at home and then go out to the theatre to see a play. This kind of date would appeal to the more mature couple maybe that enjoys cultural things more than some fast food and a movie. This would be the best date for those who want a cultural, classy experience.

Finally, we have the types of couples who like to spend a quite evening at home and not go out. The best date for such a couple might involve a good homemade meal and a movie that they rented. For the couple who likes to go out, this might be considered a boring date. On the other hand if the couple enjoys being home, this may be the best date ever. It just depends whom you are and what you want to do on a date.


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