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What to do...Dinner, Movie ??

In most cases, you can't go wrong with a romantic dinner. Although the cinema is a traditional choice, there is virtually no intimacy or romantic atmosphere as you are both having to concentrate on a film rather than on each other. Generally the idea of the first date is to get to know each other better and perhaps more intimately. There's no doubt about it, having dinner with someone is a pretty intimate experience and it may be daunting to have to sit in front of someone you don't really know for a couple of hours and eat in front of them whilst maintaining a smooth flowing conversation! The truth is it will nearly always be better than you imagined providing you follow some fairly basic rules.

GUYS: (Conversation)

Ask her about her work, goals and desires

Listen to her I repeat... Listen to her

Compliment her on how she looks and especially compliment her shoes...she probably spent ages getting ready and will really appreciate it.

Listen out for any similarities you may have so you form a 'queue' of things to discuss when appropriate

Keep a mental list of easy to discuss subjects such as favourite movies, food types, music

Try and find out about her views and values before openly displaying yours

Give her centre stage first...find out as much as you can about interested in her life and resist the temptation to talk about yours too much initially

Don't bullshit about things

GUYS (Physical Stuff)

Don't stare at her matter how appealing they look!

Generally, if the date is going well, you'll both be mentally aware of it and you will know the appropriate time to make a more physical move

Give good, confident eye contact

What to eat

This is generally up to how comfortable you feel. So many dishes come with garlic that it is almost impossible to avoid and it really isn't a huge issue.

It may be better to avoid ordering something that will be really messy and difficult to eat, such as lobster.

Paying the Bill

Always a difficult moment, but on a first date, always offer to pick up the bill...after all, you invited her out. She may well offer to contribute which is fine.


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