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Aquarius, Pisces in 2008

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Pandit R Dakshinamoorthi
Aquarius in 2008

General overview for the year 2008

This will be a year to take at a relaxed pace rather than rushing ahead with the hustle and bustle of mundane life. Saturn in the 8th house from your natal sign indicates that you may show interest in metaphysical subjects or occult matters. Jupiter in the 12th house indicates that you should rather use this year as a breather-space, look-back at past events, and plan for the future in a relaxed manner, rather than rushing head-long into new ventures. Romantic and social aspects look exciting this year.

Financial prospects in 2008

You will find it difficult to retain money as you will have tendency towards spending on luxuries and pleasures. This is not a good period for indulging in rash speculative activities as Saturn aspects your 2nd house. Stick to tried and tested methods in financial matters. You will earn money the hard way, but are likely to spend it happily on pleasure-time activities, enjoying arts, and for pepping your life in general. Serious investments can wait! seems to be your motto this year.

Career prospects in 2008

You will amaze others with your insight and application skills in professional environment. But, actual recognition and promotions may not come your way unless you are under favourable directional influences as per your natal horoscope. You may have a laid-back and easy-going attitude towards work matters; some may even feel disillusioned with their current position and hence divert their attention to other pleasure-seeking activities, hence losing focus at work. Though it is good that you can take things easy, it is also important to note that mistakes at work can be costly this year. Take things easy, but not too easy.

Romantic possibilities, friendships, social life, etc. in 2008

You will be gregarious and be the heart-and-soul of any company throughout the year. Your natural tendency towards Universal Friendship acquires a greater sheen this year due to your unusual readiness to open the purse strings along with the strings of your heart! You will spend a lot in merry-making activities in the company of friends or relatives. Extravagant celebrations in the family are on the cards. Family life will be generally enjoyable. This is a good year to marry if you exercise prudence and practical intelligence while selecting your match.

Health in 2008

You are prone to ailments brought about by excesses this year. Overindulgence in food or drink is definitely not good for your health. Try to exercise moderation in this regard. Try to include more physical activity while on vacations.for instance consider hiking instead of going to watch a cricket-match; try playing roundabout at parties rather than playing cards!.

Important periods in the year 2008

Best period for travel: Second half of February 2008, March 2008, 30th April 2008 to 24th May 2008, September 2008, October 2008, Second half of December 2008.

Best period for romance/ family matters: February 2008, March 2008, May 2008, August 2008, Second half of December 2008.

Best period for new ventures: Second half of February 2008, March 2008, April 2008, First half of June 2008, August 2008, Second half of December 2008.

Pisces in 2008

General overview for the year 2008

You may have a hectic social calendar though you would very much prefer solitude! You should avoid over-straining yourself by dragging on the responsibilities of others towards yourself. Other people will be supportive of you when you handle important matters in your life. The tragedies of other persons might hurt you this year (like tough times faced by a loved one at work, anxiety due to activities of children, or just the general state of the society in which you live may get on your nerves!). You will personally do very well this year.

Financial prospects in 2008

Use your head rather than your heart when it comes to financial decisions. There is no point in clinging on to a house if you are feeling stressed out due to the credit-payments every month. Just let go and enjoy the happiness that comes from such a decision. Speculative activities are not your cup of tea this year. Even if you are a hardened investor who has weathered many a fluctuation of the markets, it is best to adopt a safe approach this year. There will be no shortage of funds to cater to your essential expenditure as long as you do not lose out large chunks in impulsive trading activities.

Career prospects in 2008

You are prone to over-working yourself. Charm your way through professional negotiations and win even tough adversaries to your side by calculated doses of flattery. Associates and subordinates will be generally supportive of you in your professional routines. You are prone to absent-minded errors in accounts, and hence you should double-check important documents throughout the year. You will enjoy a normal dose of luck in professional matters, and your success will generally in proportion to your efforts.

Romantic possibilities, friendships, social life, etc. in 2008

You will be restricted by family considerations when planning leisure time activities. You will rather prefer solitude or travel to elusive places amidst the Welcoming Bossoms of Nature, but social commitments will force you to endure the company of persons from the concrete jungles! There could be important issues to be resolved in the lives of your loved ones be it their professional preoccupations or domestic responsibilities to their branch of the family.

Health in 2008

If you overstrain yourself there could be problems due to breakdown of the immune system making you prone to colds, respiratory disorders, or other infections especially in the month of November. You will enjoy an otherwise healthy year. You should also exercise abundant caution while driving vehicles and during travels especially in January and March.

Important periods in the year 2008

Best period for travel: March 13 2008 to April 6 2008, May 2008 (till May 24th), June 15 2008 to July 15 2008, September 2008, October 2008.

Best period for romance/ family matters: Last week of January 2008, February (till Feb 17th) 2008, 6th April 2008 to 30th April 2008, 18th June 2008 to 12th July 2008, 6th August 2008 to 30th August 2008, September 2008, October 2008.

Best period for new ventures: January 2008, Second half of February 2008, March 2008, 10th July 2008 to 26th July 2008, November 2008, December 2008.

Pandit R Dakshinamoorthi

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