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Caring For Each Other

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Caring For Each Other In Love

A lot is written and discussed about love. What is love? What are the different types of love? What phases does love go through? And so on. You presume that when someone says that 'I love you', he/she cares for you. He/she cares for your likes and dislikes, cares for your comfort, cares to keep you happy and takes care not to hurt you. And you do the same for him/her. Unless one cares, how can love be complete?

It is like saying that you love birds. One day, when you find an injured bird, you don't pick it up and take it to get treated. Can you still say that you love birds? Many relationships suffer immeasurably, because partners claim that they love each other, but show no care.

It is like saying - 'I love him/her so much, but I fail to understand how to keep him/her happy? I don't understand what to do? I feel so helpless.' What use is love if this is the position? If you love someone so much, try to find out. Rather you should know. Either you don't love, or the other person has changed beyond recognition for you and you really feel helpless. It is the memory of the old love that makes you say- 'I love him/her so much. The present reality is different.'

Many times, those who claim to love someone, ask him/her to do something totally against his/her values. They force this as a price for their love. 'I love you so much. Cannot you do this for me?' Is this love? If you truly love, you will never ask somebody to act against his/her conscience. You will never hurt like this.

Love word gets misused often. Most of the people don't love. That was infatuation for some time and now that is over. Now on the pretext of love, they want to continue a relationship that gives only pain.


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