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You yearn for passionate romance and love in your life this year. You feel very affectionate and want to attract someone that is high minded and more deeply interested in spiritual values. You love adventure and will be interested in a zesty and active partner that is willing to explore and have quest and excitement and bring intrigue into your life. You feel idealistic and need someone who also has high-minded ideals.

You might be feeling the need to give more of yourself to have your own needs met in this relationship. You may find some existing associations may change in some way. Perhaps frustrations that have been building over time will come to a head, or the relationship may transform itself utterly by ending.

You will feel comfortable and will like the idea of being with this person in a long-term commitment and get more of your personal needs met in your home arena. Many of your prayers will be answered. You like being in love and the idea of nesting, having children and a family, and may want to settle down in a new way that you never felt possible before.

As you see more of a serious benefit of having a love partnership, you put a lot of energy wondering if this is the right person and will eventually feel a deep peace of mind about being connected more deeply and more personally than ever. Expressing your needs will be very easy and you will feel you have a good balance in your relationship. Financially, this is a good time to tie the knot and you will feel secure in moving forwards.


This year, you may find yourself attracted to someone you work with. Your passionate nature attracts someone who shares your values and has a deep focus on their career. Consider spending free time together, sharing in activities that keep you actively engaged with each other. Almost everything you do together will allow you to feel a balanced flow of energy.

As the year progresses, you really like the idea of sharing your life with this person. Hopefully, this person in will feel the same way! As you deepen your own self-awareness, and recognise your own self-worth, you will attract the love you need and deserve. When you find your perfect soul mate, you an innate sense of closeness develops. You both revel in both the natural world, and in lively social situations. This year will bring positive changes in how you communicate with others, as well. Your passion and charm rise to the surface, and you yearn for a deeper commitment with the one you love. This could be the one to make you dream of walking down the aisle.


You love being intimately connected with another and have no problem sending out those signals. Your passionate, sensual and patient energy is given to others freely and people appreciate receiving your soothing energy. You possess a lot of enthusiasm and easily communicate your deep feelings and strong desires to have a love relationship, yet sometimes you hold back, monitoring and intellectualising your interests in another instead of verbalising your romantic interest in having commitment in your life. You would prefer if they make the first move before you're comfortable enough to let them know how you feel.

Much of the transformation you will be experiencing this year will be in relationships and in partnerships, helping you to see more deeply into your own motivation. Deep and profound changes in your dynamics of togetherness will give you an opportunity to explore your deeper needs and personal desires in a new way that will change your life forever. You start the year off wanting to be in an intimate relationship, and the blessings you experience will accumulate throughout the year - both financially and otherwise - once you decide you are sure you want to go forward.

Your whole life will be dramatically changed for the better and you may get deeply involved in this relationship, because it will be amazingly transforming. You will find new ways of establishing harmony when you focus on forming a closer emotional attachment. You find a lot of faith and trust in this relationship and incline to be very poetic about seeing things from a more high-minded viewpoint. You will find wisdom in sharing with each other and finding your own independent inner strength. Learn acceptance of each other through spontaneous communication of your spiritual ideals and insights.


By putting so much energy into your individual growth, it won't be surprising if you attract a wonderful new love into your life that reflects all your inner work. Take advantage of the opportunities for adventure that await you as you establish a harmonious relationship this year. You and your true love can nestle away in bliss and have the open communication that is the basis for a solid foundation in your future. Creating balance despite a demanding lifestyle will help you to attract the person you desire.

Having a romantic love in your life will open up your whole existence to feeling wonderful in all areas of your life. You magnify the good feelings you already have, and your partner can match your moods in an uplifting way. The more time you invest in creating happiness within your own heart and mind, the more your whole existence will feel wonderful. You have long awaited a commitment and your passion is hard to hide. Relationship security is very important, so going with the flow and appreciating what you have are will help you gain that which you want.

Stimulating moments can bring struggle and blessings at the same time. Spend time to reflect and meditate if insecurity or feelings of uneasiness strike. Consider practical solutions to move this relationship to the next level. What you do to draw on your inner strength will affect how you manifest expression in all areas of your life. The end of the year will be more fluid, bringing the rewards you are looking for.


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