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You idealise having a close relationship and spending time laughing, spending time in the moonlight and romanticising until the wee hours of the morning. You have been going through a lot of changes in your love life, and not so sure you can deal with the ups and downs that you have experienced in relationships in the past. You may want to enhance your playfulness and creativity by exploring cultural experiences where you can enjoy beauty with your partner. Excitement in your love life and enjoying the high life is very appealing to you now.

All these fun and creative activities will help you and your partner to strengthen your communication. Being spiritually connected with another helps you to feel the equal energy of sharing. Your intense desire for feeling connected to your love and taking it to the next step will trigger a need to explore whether your dreams are being reciprocated. Discussions of partnerships and marriage are likely and, through these talks, you gain new insight into your desires.

Towards the end of the year you will want to openly share your innermost secrets and passionate nature. The desire to be more connected to home and your nesting instincts will want to be satisfied in this year of new beginnings.


Many changes await your love life, this year. You need to feel harmonious in relationships, and that the loyalty of the people around you is strong. You value kindness and trust between people above all things, and enjoy tender moments, flowers and sensuality. You are also changeable in your affections, and may want something different and exciting on the spur of the moment. You will learn how to transform your partnership energy by being aware of the internal changes and differences in your own attitudes.

Restlessness spurs you to seek out new and exciting ways to maintain your interest levels. You need to have someone in your life that enjoys keeping up with the lively activities that you pack into your busy social calendar. Your independent nature will feel satisfied, and you won't feel guilty for being away from home when your free spirit needs to wander. You will enjoy the deep instinctual connection and will be more willing to merge your sexuality and enjoy having an interpersonal relationship. In Spring, you should definitely be rocking and rolling with this new love that brings charm to your world.

Family will become more important to you as the year progresses, and you definitely feel thankful and blessed in many areas of your life. You will enjoy being taken out to concerts and social events and being around others that will appreciate your cultural tastes. By the end of the year, your attractiveness and desire draws a unique and lasting connection with someone else (if it hasn't already). Communication between the two of you is easy, gentle and kind, and you are well matched.


You like the idea of settling down with someone you love, and feel security of having a home together that matches your high ideals of beauty and comfort. You thrive on feeling validated for your creativity. Sharing in an intimate relationship gives you an abiding sense of enjoyment. You have a strong intuitive sense what a good partnership requires and like the idea of being part of a unit rather than being on your own.

Get out there! Accept invitations to social gatherings and creative events, embracing the opportunity to find your perfect partner or soul mate. Your energy, at this time, is right to attract an intimate relationship that is both loving and mutually harmonious. You will be imbued with happiness when you find that some of your romantic notions can be fulfilled through travels with your sweetie. Or, you may enjoy a solo adventure to help you gain perspective on life and romance. Taking time to enjoy the company of someone with similar high standards will lead to romantic fulfillment. Children also play an important part in giving you joy and loving energy, as your big heart helps to bring out their creative and loving gifts.


You will enjoy the classic romance of moonlight walks and candlelit dinners with your partner, this year. Having a committed relationship also filled with love and passion is one of your primary desires, and fulfils your emotional and erotic nature. You like the idea of having family and children. Take advantage of your desires to settle down and freely give of yourself to others. Home is very important, and you thrive on a need to have inner peace and family security.

Your intuition and idealism in your approach to love makes you feel quite attracted and excited about nurturing all the energy you are feeling. Love comes easily to you, this year, through charm and finesse. You can be in tune with your partner more than they can ever realise. You may also know things that he or she may not want to be revealed to you because of your tremendous psychic abilities, and strong instincts for distinguishing truth from fiction. For you to feel loved, nurtured and passionately cared for is a must.

You will become quite moody if others aren't sensitive to your deeper needs. At times you may feel hurt by your partner, and may go deep within and find a creative and spiritual resource instead of immediately lashing out. This will help you process your emotions until you can communicate exactly what you need to. Your deep emotions will require that you are understood: you know what you want and what is important to you. You will require others to understand you before you care to share with them your most intimate secrets.


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