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You strive for perfection, using your warm nature as a guide. Having an intimate relationship will be very important, as you seek a partner to match your high energy levels. You enjoy having a partner that will respond to the charm that you radiate. Communication of your own ideals will be easy as you discuss shared visions with your partner.

You may become dreamier this year, allowing spiritual ideas of connecting with another to become a driving force in your life. People will be very attracted to your warm and generous nature and your happy-go-lucky attitude. Your identity is based on and maintaining harmony and balance in your relationship, and this is one of the most important aspects of who you are. In the spring, you will enjoy snuggling up to the love of your life. With all the changes you?ve been feeling in your home life, it will be nice to have someone that's comforting and nurturing to help make your home more comfortable.

If you don't have a love relationship, or if you are already in one, by the summer, you will be falling in love all over again. The needs and wants of others are just as important as your own. You learn to balance your relationship this year, and communication becomes easier and more important to you as you learn to accept both your differences and similarities. You are feeling totally connected and passionate in this intimate relationship. You are on fire, and may just get more deeply enthralled with the idea of having love as the focus of your time.

Capricorn As much as you are feeling independent, love is definitely coming your way this year. You are attracting someone who appreciates you and your conscientious basic values. You are poetic and musical and will be radiating your positive energy and needs very easily. You will feel very energised when you meet someone special and you will have a close relationship.

Your involvement in this intimate relationship will take a lot of your energy in striving to achieve a harmonious balance. Tolerance and diplomacy may be required. Remember to keep your sensitivity in check and exercise gentleness and patience to work through difficult situations. You prefer not having to stand up for yourself in a confrontational way and it could be challenging if you forget that you attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. You can't afford to be overpowered by adversity.

Your great energy will help you to focus on making whatever changes you need to feel more comfortable and learn that your love is a work in progress. Socially, you will enjoy mingling and being actively engaged with people from all walks of life. Your objective nature will benefit you a lot this year. You may want to expand your relationship to make time for more activities. Have fun together to bring the two of you closer together. You have a lot of faith in yourself, as well as in your relationship, and your enthusiasm will definitely rub off. You may find that you will be swept off your feet and, in the blink of an eye you, could be engaged. You feel very comfortable realising how nice it is having an intimate relationship and feeling whole, complete and young at heart.


You love and enjoy many different types of people and the social life. Desire for a unique relationship is definitely in the cards, as your dreams of a perfect partner becomes a reality. You enjoy your quiet and private time where you can reflect on your spirituality and the subtle changes you experience. You need a partner that helps you feel you can have the support you need to give your attention to your own personal dreams and desires.

You enjoy spending time searching the depths of your awareness of where you stand on certain issues. This yields positive results in terms of effectively communicating in partnership. You appreciate a person that is not hung up on mundane reality. You feel a strong connection between one's inner awareness and the deep and nebulous realms of magical inner worlds. The closeness in your personal relationship will be very comfortable this year as you are able to give of yourself in a more intimate way and be able to get through some of the fears you may have had about being in a love relationship.

You are feeling very passionate and are very energised by having such a wonderful relationship. You notice your urges for personal security and surprise yourself with how spontaneous you are in communicating your love to another. You will be able to bring your relationship to a higher level this year, and by this summer, you will seek more of a commitment. It's very helpful to maintain your idealistic picture of how you want your relationship to manifest. You will be amazed at the sense of healing in your relationship the year, and how much you are able to help others by your example of overcoming any fears from the past.

PiscesHaving love, spiritually and security in your relationship is one of your most intimate goals. You are very sensitive to what others say and do. Your emotions and intuition help you translate your sensitivity into compassion through your mystical approach of uniting with another on a higher level. Draw from your intuitive abilities to make good and decisions in all areas of your life. You feel as if you have a high spiritual calling when it comes to marriage, and relationships in general.

Your sweet intensity, charm and attractiveness lure others to you. This is especially promising around the summer, when you become very interested in the possibility of settling down and having children. Emotional security is a big thing for you and throughout the year you experience many life lessons through your relationships. Your strong capacity for joy and giving deepens your relationships and creates loving harmony and balance.

Your urge to be devoted to your partner is strong, yet sometimes it's hard to learn to become more emotionally detached so you can rely on your inner strength during stormy times. It is important for you to have someone that appreciates your mystical wisdom and attitudes; otherwise, you become restless and overly sensitive. You are a naturally intuitive person and see things from a perspective that others may not. The challenges you may experience in your love partnership will mainly be around learning to integrate and balance your own growth and create more harmony in your relationship. You will deepen your connection as the year unfolds, and learn to take responsibility for your own feelings.


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