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Each Sun Sign will if typical of that Sign be very compatible with some other typical Sun Signs and reasonably happy with yet others.

Then there will be the ones where the problems start! These can include people who for various Astrological reasons you are very drawn to, perhaps fantastic sexual chemistry and the original fatal attraction.

Remember, we are talking Sun Signs here! in no way are we talking about ALL the planets in your Birth Chart and the exact personal inter relations that make up the chemistry between two people, for this an Astrologer has to compare the 2 Birth Charts as aspects formed by other planets may well ruin a good Sun Sign match or enhance it.

Occasionally I have received e-mail from people who disagree with this list. Remember this is a rough guide to SUN SIGNS compatibility, not an absolute comparison between individuals ... read the paragraph above again!

A real comparison can ONLY be made by looking at the individual charts involved, and I charge for that!

Who you are compatible with, and who you are not ought to be self explanatory.

Your Opposite Sign is literally opposite you in the Zodiac chart. They are someone who is in equal amounts similar and opposite your character.

You can learn a lot from your Opposite Sign and they can learn a lot from you!

Relationships with any one of the same element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) will be a lot easier than with someone of a different element group, so if you are an Air element, (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), you will automatically have an ease on communication and a high degree of attraction.

Some elements as a general rule can work OK together, Fire and Earth, or Air and Water. But others will have problems, Fire turns Water to steam, Water puts out Fire, Fire bakes Earth, Earth smothers Fire, Air feeds Fire, but Fire consumes Air, Water floods Earth, Earth dams Water, while Air and Earth are rather neutral to one another.


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