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History of Astrology

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Annabel Burton
Astrology has been around in one form or another for a very long time, even before mankind's earliest written records began. Around 5000 BC there was evidence of astrology and astronomy in stone circles in Great Britain and France.

The modern astrology of today began in Mesopotamia and Sumeria, where the celestial bodies and their relationship with crop planting were observed.

The seasons were important in their influence to bring about the best harvest, and the sun was worshipped for its effects on the land and crops. The phases of the moon were predicted to bring pattern and regularity, and a measure of time.

Planetry Observation

The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were all observed in the night skies and their movements correlated with events on earth. Eventually the pathways of the planets were called the Zodiac, at around the time of the Greek civilisation in the 5th and 6th Centuries BC. The behaviour of the planets and eclipses were noted from high temples called Ziggurats.

Early Astrology History

Early predictions were of natural disasters and war, and later individual horoscopes were cast for the leaders of countries.

Some of these exist today. Astrology then spread towards India and China and Egypt and Greece. Simultaneously, the early Europeans and the people of the Americas were developing their own forms of Astrology and Astronomy, particularly the Mayans of Mexico.

However, the Greeks attributed their gods and goddesses to the planets and then the Romans accepted that astrology was a form of divination, and introduced the names we are familiar with today.

In Alexandria, Ptolemy wrote the first books on astrology; the Almagest and Tetrabiblios. These books describe how the earth is surrounded by a power, the forces of which are projected from the planets to affect life on earth.

The books list benevolent and malefic influences and begin to relate to individuals rather than countries. From this time, every person who could afford it was able to have his or her horoscope read, and would find out about health, wealth, the best partner to share life with and even the time and cause of his/her death.

Annabel Burton

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